One recording of a tune named
Crested Hens
With a tune named
The Ships Are Sailing

Crested Hens (waltz) is also known as Cockscomb Bouree, Como Poden Per Sas Culpas, The Crested Hen, The Crested Hens, Les Poules Huppees, Les Poules Huppés, Poules Huppées.

The Ships Are Sailing (reel) is also known as All Da Ships Ir Sailin, All Da Ships Ir Sailin’, All The Ships Are Sailing, The Seals Are Shaping, The Ships A Sailing, Ships A-Sailing, Ships Are A’ Sailing, Take Her Out And Air Her.

Behind The Blarney by Wild Clover Band

  1. Crested Hens
  2. Ships Are Sailing