Finbarr Dwyer’s reel

Also known as Finbar Dwyer’s.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Finbarr Dwyer's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:G2Gd BGdB|GDGd cAFG|AddA Accd|cAFA dAcA|
G2Gd BGdB|GDGd cAFG|AddA Acde|1 fgag fdcA:|2 fgag fdcd||
|:BGdG Gggd|fdGf dggG|DGBd gefd|cdAc dBcd|
BGdG Gggd|fdGf dggf|eceg fefc|1 AccA dAcd:|2 AccA dAcA||
X: 2
T: Finbarr Dwyer's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:A2Ae cAec|AEAe dBGA|BeeB Bdde|dBGB eBdB|
A2Ae cAec|AEAe dBGA|BeeB Bdef|1 gaba gedB:|2 gaba gede||
|:cAeA Aaae|geAg eaaA|EAce afge|deBd ecde|
cAeA Aaae|geAg eaag|fdfa gfgd|1 BddB eBde:|2 BddB eBdB||

Twelve comments

Transcibed from Angelina Carberry’s “An Traidisiún Beo” track 9 reel 1. I’m not 100% on the key signature. I will venture chords soon. There must be another name for this reel as there seem to be many “Finbarr Dwyer’s” reels out there.

Anyone know how to add this tune to the recording “An Traidisiún Beo” ?

You might try grouping eighth notes by 2s or 4s in the ABC. It seems a little less confusing that way… But that’s just me, and I’m weird 🙂

I’ve grouped a couple more into fours…I’ve tried to group them based on the emphasis that she gives the notes (and probably failed 8¬0…This tune is now also accessed by clicking on track 4 reel 3, which it isn’t. I’m guessing that because the title is the same. Anyone know how to get around this….

The transciption of the tune is a little confusing so I can’t really make it out but I know that there’s a tune called “The Holly Bush” and is also called “Finbar Dwyer’s”. I think this is slightly like Angelina Carberry’s version but more like Denis O Brien’s version.

I’ve grouped all the notes in 4s. Hopefully this makes it easier to read. I don’t know how to update the sheet music though.

Really loving this tune at the moment. I’ve just checked it out here today to see if it was on here and here it is. I think Kevin’s transcription does it proud. What a fantastic wee reel.

“I’m not 100% on the key signature” Kevin

Gmix I reckon, just started playing this again and just noticed your comment and key sig.

Fits Amin but it’s in G.

Finbarr’s take on “The Ivy Leaf”?

Doesn’t this reel seem like a cool variant of “The Ivy Leaf”?
On Martin Quinn & Angelina Carberry’s duo record they do a set of tunes that Martin learned from Finbarr Dwyer, and one of them is said to be Finbarr’s version of “The green fields of Rossbeigh” (aka the Kerry Reel).
But it is a radical transformation, and one would not easily recognize it.
This seems to me a similar case, but, to me, the Ivy Leaf is more recognizable.

Transposed up to Amix

The setting I just posted is simply Kevin Higgin’s transcription
passed thru an ABC tranpose tool. I think that key might suit some fiddle players.
It certainly makes it easier to play on a C#/D box.


I should have looked at the link to tune 2545 “Paddy Taylor’s Reel”
since it already had the Amix version.
However, there is no harm in having Angelina’s version in Amix on this page, too.
I have listened to Angelina’s recording many, many times; and it is one of my favorites.