The Forth Bridge reel

By Williamson Blyth

Also known as The Fourth Bridge.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Forth Bridge
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:z|D2 FD A,DFD|A,DFA Bdcd|A,2 CE GECE|edcB AGFE|
|:g|fafd AFDg|fafd AFDf|gfge cAce|gfed cdef|
gafg efde|cdBc ABFA|GFGA BcdB|AGFE D3:|

Six comments

The Forth Bridge

Composed by Williamson Blyth, an Edinburgh fiddler and violin maker. He composed a strathspey and reel set both named after the bridge. The Forth Bridge opened in 1890. The tune appears in J. Murdoch Henderson’s Flowers of Scottish Melody. This reel is not to be confused with “The Forth Brig” hornpipe composed by J. Scott Skinner, also to commemorate the opening of the bridge.

The Forth Bridge

I’ve played this one for years - great tune. Where you play “A,” in the first bar, I play “A” = D2 FD ADFD. The strathspey is a good ’un too.

The Forth Bridge

I know this is also on Leahy’s “In All Things” CD, but it wasn’t put in when the recording was submitted so this tune won’t link back to the album.

Re: The Forth Bridge

I love Ossian’s recording of this. The quirky timing of it is delightful.

Re: The Forth Bridge

The Ossian tune called by this name is the strathspey to go with this reel. It should be added separately.