One recording of a tune named
The Longford Collector
With a tune named
The Other High

The Longford Collector (reel) is also known as Bailitheoir Lonhphoirt, Langford Collector, The Longford Beggarman, The Longford Rent Collector, Longfort Collector, The Longfort Collector, The Man From Longford.

The Other High (reel) is also known as The (Other) High, Beehive, The Beehive, Galway High, The Galway High, High Reel No. 2, Old High, The Old High, The Thatched Cottage.

Shadow Hunter by Davy Spillane

  1. My Love Is In America
  2. The Galway High
  3. The Tarbolton
  4. The Longford Collector
  5. The Sailor’s Bonnet