The Catterthun reel

Also known as Bob Thompson’s, Bob Thompson’s Fling, Bob Thompson’s Highland, Bob Thompson’s Highland Fling.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Catterthun
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|g2bg dgBd|ceag fa (3def|g2bg dgBd|ceaf g2 (3def|
g2bg dgBd|ceag fa (3def|gdBg ecAG|FADF G2||

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Bob Thomson’s Fling

Apparently this comes from the manuscript of Jack Davidson. On Kathryn Tickell’s "On Kielder Side" it is played as a hornpipe and then as a reel, with the whole of the B-part played twice. I think that with the B-part played once through, it makes a great fling, although I haven’t bothered to transcribe the dotted rhythm for ease of reading.

"Bob Thompson’s Highland Fling"

~ and you got on my case for leaving out the swing once ~ well, either way, here it is with a slight few differences of approach and that dotted rhythm included:

|: (3DEF |
G>DB>G D>GB>G | E>cA>G F>Ad<F |
G2 B>G D2 (3BAG | E>cA<F G2 :|
|: d2 |
(3ggg b>g d>g (3Bcd | c>eA>g f>a (3def |
1 g2 B>g d>gB>d | c>ea<f g2 :|
2 g>d (3Bdg e>cA<G | F>Ad>F G2 ||

No I never! When?! What’s this like, "Pick on Dow" day? 🙂

Catterthun Northumbrian rant?!

I’ve known this tune for over thirty years as being Northumbrian. It’s a super tune and enjoyable to play on a D/G button box. I have it in a short set with another Northumbrian tune called ‘Beeswing’ again very nice to play on a D/G box. it moves around quite nicely. Both tunes are simple, unpretentious yet interesting. I would certainly welcome any info on origin. Will post ‘Beeswing’ shortly.

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Have just been reminded that both tunes can be found in the Charlton Memorial Tunebook. That is where I got them from, old age and memory loss seem to be setting in!! CMT contains some tremendous tunes.

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