Nineteen recordings of a tune named
Tripping On The Mountain

Also known as Buffalo Nickel, Chinkapin, Chinkapin Pie, Chinky Pin, Chinquapin, Chinquipin, Crumb Creek Posey, Darling Child, The Duke Of York, Farmer Had A Dog, Fourth Of July, The Fourth Of July, Hair In The Butter, I’m My Momma’s Darling, I’m My Momma’s Darling Child, Lady Bodinscoth’s, Lady Bodinscoth’s Reel, Lead Out, Lindsay Munnell Tune, Lindsay Munnell’s, Lindsay Munnell’s Tune, Love Somebody, Love Somebody, Yes I Do!, Midnight Serenade, Miss Fargiharson’s Reel, Miss Farquharson’s, Miss Farquharson’s Reel, My Love Is But A Lassie, My Love Is But A Lassie Yet, My Love She’s But A Lassie, My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet, My Lover’s But A Lady Yet, My Lover’s Butt A Lady Yett, Old Lady Tucker, Richmond Blues, Soapsuds Over The Fence, Sweet Sixteen, Ten Nights In A Bar Room, Too Young To Marry, Twin Sisters.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Mickey Mor Doherty’s March (a few times), Thady Regan (a few times), The Lakes Of Sligo (a few times), The Atholl Highlanders, Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine, Dark Girl Dressed In Blue, The Drunken Piper, Farewell To Gurteen, Jenny Lind, Nancy, Paddy Fahey’s, The Return Of Spring, Strop The Razor, The Whitehaven Volunteers.

  1. An Gaoth Aduaidh - The North Wind by Various Artists
  2. And The Fiddles Played On by Fiddleheads
  3. Ellen Valley Band by Ellen Valley Band
  4. Fire In The Air by Bobbi Nikles With Kyle Alden, Paul Kotapish, Maureen Brennan, Julian Smedley, Cindy Browne, Shira Kammen And David Morris
  5. Folk Dance Music Of Ireland by Johnny Powell And His Band
  6. His Original Recordings by John McKenna
  7. Irish Dances / Danses Irlandaises by Various Artists
  8. Like The Wind (Ar Nos Na Gaoithe) by John Wynne
  9. Misneach by Misneach
  10. Misneach by Misneach
  11. One Big Fiddle by Lakeland Fiddlers
  12. Pride Of The West by John Wynne And John McEvoy
  13. Sets in Stone by Liam Kelly & Philip Duffy
  14. Tasty Touches CD 2 by Martin Donohoe
  15. The Civil War Collection by Jim Taylor
  16. The Final Fling Part One by Ne66
  17. The Fun Of Open Discussion by John Hartford
  18. The Mountain Road by Various Artists
  19. The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 1 by John McKenna