One recording of
An Sean Duine
Have A Drink With Me

An Sean Duine (jig) is also known as An Sean Duine Doighte, An Sean Duine Dóite, An Sean-duine, An Seanduine Dóite, Burnt Old Man, The Burnt Old Man, The Burnt-out Old Man, Georgie, The Dotard, Hob Or Nob, John Dunn’s March, The Old Man, Sean Duine Doite.

Have A Drink With Me (jig) is also known as Caher, Come Have A Drink With Me, Dear Lisa, The Flaxdresser, Have A Drink On Me, The Maghera.

The Happy Days Of Youth by The Press Gang (USA)

  1. An Seanduine
  2. The Lurgadan
  3. Have A Drink With Me