Na Maithe Mora waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Na Maithe Mora
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G"z2 BA BG|"D/F#"A2 d2 D2|"C/E"z2 GFGA|"G/D"B2 D2 GF|
"Am"E2 Gc cd|"G/B"B2 GA Bd|"C"e2 cd eg|"D"ga "Am/E"ed "D/F#"gf|
"G"g2 GA BG|"D/F#"A2 d2 D2|"C/E"z2 GF GA|"G/D"B2 D2 GF|
"Am"EG Gc de|"G/B"DG GA Bc|"C"de "G/D"B2 "D"A2|1 "G"G6:|2 "G"G4 gf||
|:"G"g2 de BA|"D/G"Bc AB GF|"C/E"GF "G/D"Gc "Am/C"BG|"Gma7/B"D3 D EG|
"Am"A3 B GA|"G/B"B2 GA Bd|"C"e2 de cB|"D:"AB "Am/E"de "D/F#"ga|
"G"bc' ag ed|"D/G"Bc A3 B|"C/E"GF "G/D"Gc "Am/C"BG|"Gma7/B"D3 G FD|
"Am"EG Gc de|"G/B"DG GA Bc|"C"de "G/D"B2 "D"A2|1 "G"G4 gf:|2 "G"G6||

Three comments

Na Maithe Móra

This composition of harper Michael Rooney appears on the album “Draíocht” (see and on the recording “Ocras: Music from the Famine Remembrance”. On the website for Michael Rooney and June McCormick (, this piece is described as “A melodic and haunting piece written in 3/4 time which captures the grace and elegance of 19th century Ireland as experienced by the Ascendancy.” Michael translates the title as “The Landlord’s Houses”. It is actually a minuet, rather than a waltz.

Na Maithe Móra

“Michael Rooney composed this beautiful piece as part of ‘The Famine Suite’ in 1997, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the famine in Ireland. It was composed as a minuet and the title is an irish word wich translates to ‘the gentry’.”
Extract from June McCormack’s book “Fliùit - Irish Flute tutorial”

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