One recording of
Parnell’s March
Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite

Parnell’s March (jig) is also known as Julie’s, Micilin Conlon’s, Micilín Conlon’s, Parnell’s Two-Step, Rowsome’s, Sweet Marie.

Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite (waltz) is also known as Miss Jamieson’s Favourite, Mrs Ann Jamieson’s Favourite, Mrs Jameson’s Favourite, Mrs Jamieson’s Favorite, Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite, Mrs. Ann Jamieson’s Favourite, Mrs. Jamieson’s Favorite, Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite.

Ranting And Reeling: Dance Music Of The North Of England by Various Artists

  1. Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite
  2. Parnell’s March