One recording of a tune named
Parnell’s March
With a tune named
Coen’s Memories

Parnell’s March (jig) is also known as Julie’s, Micilin Conlon’s, Micilín Conlon’s, Parnell’s Two-Step, Rowsome’s, Sweet Marie.

Coen’s Memories (reel) is also known as The Cottage In The Glen, Cottage In The Grove, The Cottage In The Grove, The Crosses Of Annagh, Jack Doyle’s Favourite, Joe Bane’s, Paddy Canny’s, Pink Bog, Tommy Coen’s, Tommy Coen’s Memories.

For the Sake of Auld Decency by Morga

  1. Johnny’s So Long At The Fair
  2. Sweet Marie
  3. Coen’s Memories
  4. My Maryann