The Heatwave jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Heatwave
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|: Ace ^gaa | a^gb aec | BgB aBg | gba gdB |
Ace ^gaa | a^gb aef | gdB =c e=c | BdB A3 :|
|: e2f gfe | gfe a3 | fed cBA | ABc d2 f |
gfg bgd | =ce=c BAG | BgB aBg | gdB A3 :|

Ten comments

Heatwave jig

This is quirky tune i wrote on concertina, and suits the jerky jumps which sound good on that particular instrument.

So named because i wrote it in the midst of a horrendous summer here in sweaty Brisbane

I hope you didn’t use permanent marker. You’ll never be able to sell your concertina on ebay now.

Ho, ho, ho. Now look Dow, that’s twice you’ve taken liberties in less than 24 hours. Get a bloomin life, man/lass !!

And how dare you suggest I’d sell my concer on Ebay (!*&%!). Naaah mate, I’d just go darn the lo’al ‘ock shop.

Actually I own a Richard Evans Kookaburra, which altho it aint a Suttner or a Jeffries, will see me to my burying ground.

By the way your collection of Northumber tunes looks great. I must take a look and develop that emaciated part of my repertoire. Bye mate. (sorry, onlookers).

I’m not suggesting that you actually sell it, but I don’t think Richard would be very happy to see that his lovely work has been spoiled be having a jig scrawled all over it at any rate 😉

or "by" having, even.

btw your tune is nice and fresh-sounding. When I played through it I came up with a little variation for the end of the 2nd part |=FAc fed|e=cB A3||

PS are you going down to Canberra next week? If so why not give your tune an airing in the session bar?

Cool tune! How ironic is that?

Your Variation Dow

Thanks Dow.

I like the F natural twist but then going back to the high F sharp changes the modes too quickly for my taste. But it’s great idea and I will vary your variation thus - |=FAc =fe=f | =fcB A3 | ., and use it when I play it.

If I do go to the National I certainly will be playin the Heatwave. I live for the sesh bar. Love to play with Richard and Libby
[ husband and wife, flute and fiddle] who live in Canberra, in their sessions.

But it looks like this will be the first national after 13 in a row that I’ll be forced to miss.

I meant that high F to be an Fnat, not sharp.
Shame you’re not going to the Nash. Maybe see you another year then. Always good to catch up with concer players, even those who play anglo I suppose 🙂