Underwood hornpipe

Also known as Barry’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Underwood
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
"Em"E2(3EFG E2(3EFG|"Bm"B>G A>F G>E "D"F>D|"Em"E2(3EFG E2(3EFG|"Em"E>G "D"F>A "G"G>B "Bm7"A>D|
"Em"E2(3EFG E2(3EFG|"Bm"B>G A>F G>E "D"F>D|"Em"E2(3EFG E2(3EFG|"Bm"B>A "D"G>D"Em"E4|
"Bm"B2(3Bcd "Em"e>f g>a|"Em"b>B "F#m"a>B "G"g>B "A"f>B|"Bm"B2(3Bcd "Em"e>f g>a|"Em"b>a "D"g>f"Em"e2"Bm"B2|
"Bm"B2(3Bcd "Em"e>f g>a|"Em"b>B "F#m"a>B "G"g>B "A"f>B|"Bm"B2(3Bcd "Em"e>f g>a|"Em"b>a "D"g>f"Em"e4:|

Three comments

Btw I’m uncertainty about the appropriatness of the chords; I haven’t tested them myself yet.

Barry’s Hornpipe (underwood)

we play this a lot in nyfte with a tune callde model t ford by dave jolly. never knew it was calle underwood, but i shall report to the team!