The Beautiful Goldfinch waltz

By Marcus Hernon

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Beautiful Goldfinch
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ge|d3B BA|B4 GE|D3 E GA|B4 dB|
A3G AB|A3 B dg|e2 d2 B2|d3 g ge|
d3B BA|B4 GE|D3 E GA|B4 dB|
A3G AB|A3 B dg|e2 d2 BA|G4:|
ga|b2 ba ge|ag eg ge|d2 dB AG|AB G2 ga|
b2 ba ge|ag eg ge|d2 dB AG|A3 B GE|
D4 BA|G4 GA|B3 d dg|e4 G2|
A3G AB|A3 B dg|e2 d2 BA|G4:|

Thirteen comments

The Beautiful Goldfinch (waltz!)

Most of the tunes posted as “waltzes” on this site are actually slow airs or totally different kinds of tunes. But this is a proper one penned by Connemara fluter Marcus Hernon.

I learned it off the second album of “London Lasses & Pete Quinn,” who recorded it in D, but I transcribed it in G considering it was done by a flute player. I’m not sure if Marcus and P.J. did it in G though. It’s popular with some piano accordion players in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Nice tune. Not having heard a recorded version before, I wonder if you have an idea what chords are played with it?


The Beautiful Goldfinch (waltz!)

I’ve heard it called “My Beautiful Goldfish”, but I think there must have been some Chinese whispering somewhere along the line 🙂
Nice waltz though. I learnt it a couple of years ago.

Trevor, please inform whether you learnt this in G or D.

Thanks. I thought I might have posted the tune in a rather uncommon key. But glad to know you also play it in G.

don’t worry about keys _this is an absolute ‘class’ tune (which happens to be a walz)

if any one needs an irish waltz to play anywhere, this is the contempory masterpiece i would recommend, and still so young …

thankyou for that marcus and fair play to ‘slainte’ for sticking it up

so what key would you like the chords in ‘celticladda’ G or D ?

Beautiful Goldfinch chords

chords in the key of G would be great, lisaniska.


Re: The Beautiful Goldfinch

Did you ever add the chords?

Re: The Beautiful Goldfinch

Here are two chord variations I found or figured out. I don’t really like the A in the first line, I play a D or Bm instead.

| [D] | [D] | [A] | [D]
| [A] | [A] | [G] | [A] |
| [D] | [D] | [A] | [D]
| [A] | [A] | [G] | [D] :|
| [D] | [Em] | [A] | [D]
| [D] | [Em] | [A] | [A] |
| [D] | [D] | [D] | [G]
| [A] | [A] | [G] | [D] :|

| [D] | [D] | [Bm] | [D]
| [Em] | [Em] | [G] | [A] |
| [D] | [D] | [D] | [D]
| [Em] | [G] | [A] | [D] :|
| [Bm] | [G] | [A] | [D]
| [Bm] | [Em] | [F#m] | [A] |
| [D] | [D] | [D] | [G]
| [Em] | [A] | [G] [A] | [D] :|

If someone prefers different chords please post them here.

Re: The Beautiful Goldfinch

These are the chords I play (for the Key of G)
| [G] | [Em] | [D] | [Em]
| [D] | [Am] | [C] | [G] |
| [G] | [Em] | [D] | [Em]
| [D] | [Am] | [C] | [G] :|
| [Em] | [C] | [D] | [G]
| [Em] | [C] | [D] | [D] |
| [D] | [G] | [Em| | [C]|
| [D] | [Am] | [C] | [G] :|

Re: The Beautiful Goldfinch

On her website,, Caitlín Nic Gabhann teaches this tune in G in the Improver Course. Lovely tune. She teaches The Linnet’s Chorus, by the same composer, in D.

Marcus (the composer) and PJ Hernon recorded this in…

Eb !