Saratoga hornpipe

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A good few tunes being submitted here recently seem to be new compositions but I think this is an older one, a Scots hornpipe. May well be here but I don’t think so. Called The Saratoga on the CD, Irish Dancing Time by Gallowglass Ceili Band and not related to a reel by same name on this site but referred to in comments there. They follow it with The Jolly Beggarman aka Red Haired Lad as a hornpipe. Related I would guess to The Brown Chest, particularly Part A.
When our youngest (who is now nearly three) was a wee baby the best solution for getting him to sleep was to stick on this CD and walk up and down. Not particularly myself into Ceile Band style ITM but there must have been something in the strong rhythm and swing that did the trick! Anyway, he was guaranteed to nod off after a few tunes so the first half dozen tracks are indelibly imprinted on my brain and probably his too! Maybe we should have picked a bit of Martin Hayes or Matt Molloy or whoever, with a view to the future!!

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Also not to be confused with another one…

The Saratoga Hornpipe I’m familiar with (New England Contra tradition) is in the key of F. It’s quite different from this tune and the reel mentioned above. Perhaps someone fluent in ABC (not me) could post it for you if you’re interested.


The Saratoga Hornpipe - as “vonnieestes” said - is a rockin’ tune in F, and this partticular version isn’t on the recordings that the details page says it is, as the F version would be on those cds, cos it’s quite a popular Cape Breton tune. I think Buddy MacMaster has recorded it too…

Saratoga in F

Here’s a version in F that I culled from a collection I got from a fellow in England. The file is labelled and the attribution is to a Cole (1000 Fiddle Tunes), 1940; pg. 118

T:Saratoga Hornpipe
AB|c=BcA d_Bfd|cAFA cAdc|BAGB AGFA|Gc=Bd c_BAB|
c=BcA d_Bfd|cAFA cdef|defg efga|f2 a2 f2:|
ef|aAgA fAeA|fAeA dAfA|eA^ce agfe|fgef defg|
aAgA fAeA|fAeA dAdf|efga bgeg|f2 a2 f2:|

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That’s the one!

The tune in F given here is the one I learned, from the Portland Collection, volume 1 ( Britany Orlebeke plays this as a smokin’ reel, along with Vinton’s hornpipe and President Garfield’s hornpipe, on the Cat Out of the Bag CD by the Beverwyck String Band available from Not for the faint of heart as the tunes are in F and Bflat.

Since I play at a weekly session in Saratoga Springs, New York, I am happy to have discovered both this other hornpipe, in D, and the Saratoga Reel in A, also on The Session. I will undertake to learn all 3 and see if/how they can be put together as a medley.