The Border Collie reel

Also known as Rodney Miller’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Border Collie
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
BF F2 BFcF|BF F2 AdcA|BF F2 BFBc|dfbf afec|
BF F2 BFAc|BF F2 AdcA|BF F2 BFBc|dfbf afec||
A2 c/B/A eA c/B/A|EABF AFEF|AB c/B/A eAce|fdfb afec|
A2 c/B/A eA c/B/A|EFAc BABc|~d3 e fdfb|afec Bcdc||

Seven comments

I like the tune, but isn’t the A part really in Bmin with the note ‘G’ skipped so the G# doesn’t matter. Obviously the B part is in Amaj. I love the key change between the two parts.

A part key

Hi Donough - yes, you could look at the A part as being in Bm. I probably stuck 3 sharps to it thinking of all the other minor tunes that are the second of an associated scale (like, Cooley’s Reel being in Em with the key signature of D instead of G). Hope that makes sense. BTW, I like your Daisy Rose tune which I’ve been working on.

The A part is actually in B Dorian. Similarly, Cooley’s is in E Dorian.

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Great tune!

I really like this tune… the key shift is genius. I think this tune will have traction. I heard Vinnie Cronin playing it at our local and someone snagged the name from Tune Pal. I was delighted to find it here and realize I had the recording it’s on and that you posted yourself playing it. Going into high rotation here in SF soon. Brilliant!

Re: The Border Collie

Being played here by Paddy O’Brien and James Kelly and Daithi Sproule. One of my favorite tracks on this recording. They call it, “Rodney Miller’s,” who we know is the composer.