Dr John Hart waltz

Also known as Doctor John Hart, Dr. John Hart.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dr John Hart
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
e2ce/f/ ec|ed cB A2|B2A/B/c A/B/c|{c}BA F2F2|
ae ab c'b|ab af ae|fa/b/ af ec|B2ce f2|
fc ef ec|A2A2A2|{cd}ec fe e/c/B/A/|B2Bc B2|
{cd}ed cB A>A|Bc BA G3/2F/|EA GB Ac|B2A2A2||
AG AB cB|AB cd ed|cd ef ed/c/|{c}B2GA B2|
{f}ec AF E/D/C/B,/|A,2A2A2|{Ac}ec/e/ fe/f/ af|e2cB B2|
{cd}ed cB A>A|Bc BA G3/2F/|EA GB Ac|B2A2A2||
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Dr John Hart

Couldn’t believe this O’Carolan tune wasn’t in the database already. I was searching out the sheet music to give to a harpist friend of mine, so we could play the tune at a wedding. I finally found the ABC on another site, so I added it here.

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I love this tune. It’s also one of the few I know that requires a shift to third position (for us fiddlers), because while the high C# can just barely be done as an extension, it’s just too sloppy that way.