Three recordings of a tune named
The Cuckoo
With a tune named
Chief O’Neill’s Favourite

The Cuckoo (hornpipe) is also known as Archie Simon, Canadian Reel, The Cuckoo Clog, Dublin, Dublin’s, Murray’s Fancy.

Chief O’Neill’s Favourite (hornpipe) is also known as Chief O’Neil’s, Chief O’Neil’s Favourite, Chief O’Neill’s, Chief O’Neill’s Fancy, Chief O’Neill’s Favorite, Flowers Of Ardigne, Francis O’Neill’s Favourite, O’Neill’s, The True Lovers’.

On Oiche Go Maidin by O'aces

  1. The Champion
  2. Chief O’Neill’s
  3. The Cuckoo

Sean Maguire, Celtic Fiddle by Sean McGuire

  1. Chief O’Neill’s Fancy
  2. The Cuckoo

Sean McGuire - At His Best by Sean McGuire

  1. Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
  2. The Cuckoo