Shanne Bradley waltz

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Four comments

Shanne Bradley

A nice waltz written, perhaps suprisingly, by Shane MacGowan. It appeared as a b-side to a single I believe sometime in the 80s. Played with a bit of a swing to it. 1/4note = about 175.

I transcribed it to send over to a harp friend of mine to play at a wedding … figured others might like it too. We’re playing it with harp, whistle and octave mandolin. It sounds quite nice.

Timesignature confusion

You have the time signature as 3/4 but you write it as 6/8.
Using the six notes in bar 1 for example you can either play it as written in jig tempo. If played very slowly it still remains in jig tempo. You could alternatively reorganise each bar into 3 pairs of quavers. This would give you a completely different tune and make the tune sound somewhat like a mazurka. What do you really want? Of course you could split each bar and treat the quavers as if they were in normal waltz time. This would createa time signature of 3/8. You could of course turn the quavers into crotchets and time signature would be 3/4. Sorry to be pedantic but there are so many interpretations possible here and a lack of clarity as to what you intend we “hear”.

Oops, that was complete blunder on my part. I obviously meant to have it one way or the other!

I’ll get that fixed and re-upload the ABC. Ouch! 😉 Boy, I wasn’t paying attention.

Fixed the ABC

I fixed the ABC. Thanks for pointing that out. I must have been sleeping. Only thing is, it won’t let you fix any of the code (the headers, etc) besides the basic ABC, so I’ll have to ask to get the “L:” change to 1/4.

Here’s what it “should” be:

X: 1
T: Shanne Bradley
M: 3/4
L: 1/4
R: waltz
K: Dmaj
A |: d>ed | def | g>fe | fed | B>cd | AFD |1 EDD | D2 A :|2 EDD | D2 z ||
|: .a.a.a | f>ed | .a.a.a | f>ed |d>ef | gfe |
fed | B>AA |ABc | d>AA | FDD | D2 z :|
|: d.f.f | d.f.f | dfg | f>ed |B>cd | AFD | EDD | D2 z :|
d.f.f | d.f.f | dfg | f>ed |ABc | d>DD | DEF | ABc |
d>DD | DEF | ABc | d>AA |EDD | D2 z |