Two recordings of
Sandy Cameron
The Bunch Of Keys

Sandy Cameron (reel) is also known as Sandy Cameron’s.

The Bunch Of Keys (reel) is also known as A Bunch Of Keys, Cairngorm Brooch, Carigoim, Carigoim Broach, Carigon Broach, Carigorm Broach, The Flowers Of Limerick, Miss Betty Ann Gordon, Miss Wellington’s, The Old, Paddy On The Turnpike, The Yellow Heifer.

Atlantic Fiddles by Various Artists

  1. Miss Lyle’s
  2. Miss Lyle’s
  3. Sandy Cameron’s
  4. Carigon Broach

Close To The Floor by Ashley MacIsaac

  1. Miss Lyall’s
  2. Miss Lyall’s
  3. Sandy Cameron’s
  4. Carigoim Broach