Two recordings of
Sandy Cameron
O’er The Isles To America

Sandy Cameron (reel) is also known as Sandy Cameron’s.

O’er The Isles To America (reel) is also known as A-null Thar Nan Eileanan Dh’ Ameireagaidh Gun Tèid Sinn, Over The Isles To America.

Four On The Floor by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Headlands
  2. Captain Campbell
  3. Callam Breugach
  4. King George (V)
  5. O’er The Isles To America
  6. Sandy Cameron
  7. King’s
  8. Cape Breton’s Welcome To The Shetlands

Piper by Ryan J. MacNeil

  1. Ferrintosh
  2. Sandy Cameron’s
  3. The Black Horse
  4. Over The Isles To America
  5. Miss Betty Anne Gordon