Atholl Highlanders Balkan Version jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Atholl Highlanders Balkan Version
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
c/d/|:"A"e3 ecA|ecA "Gm"Bcd|1 "A"e3 e>cA|"Gm"Bcd cBA:|2 "A"e<ae "Dm"fed|"Gm"cdB "A"A2||
c/B/|:"A"A>ce Ace|"Dm"A>df Adf|1 "A"A>ce Ace|"Gm"Bcd c2B:|2 "A"e<ae "Dm"fed|"Gm"cdB "A"A2||
e|:"A"a2e edc|a2e edc|1 a2e edc|"Gm"Bcd cBA:|2 "A"e<ae "Dm"fed|"Gm"cdB "A"A2||
B|:"A"c>Ac cAc|"Gm"d<Bd dBd|1 "A"c<Ac cAc|"Gm"B<GB Bcd:|2 "A"e<ae "Dm"fed|"Gm"cdB "A"A2||
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X: 2
T: Atholl Highlanders Balkan Version
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
F/G/|:"D"A3 AFD|AFD "Cm"_EFG|1 "D"A3 A>FD|"Cm"_EFG F_ED:|2 "D"A<dA "Gm"BAG|"Cm"FG_E "D"D2||
F/_E/|:"D"D>FA DFA|"Gm"D>GB DGB|1 "D"D>FA DFA|"Cm"_EFG F2_E:|2 "D"A<dA "Gm"BAG|"Cm"FG_E "D"D2||
A|:"D"d2A AGF|d2A AGF|1 d2A AGF|"Cm"_EFG F_ED:|2 "D"A<dA "Gm"BAG|"Cm"FG_E "D"D2||
_E|:"D"F>DF FDF|"Cm"G<_EG G_EG|1 "D"F<DF FDF|"Cm"_E<C_E _EFG:|2 "D"A<dA "Gm"BAG|"Cm"FG_E "D"D2||

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Graham Townsend on the Piper’s Broken Finger

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The G chords are often “modernized” to E7, except for the last line, which always has G.

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Balkan version?

I know this version well but why is this called the balkan version?

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Probably because it’s in an awkward key.


It´s called Balkan because it´s not possible here at thesession to specify the correct key, which should be B flat {not b} AND C sharp {not c natural} all the way through.

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Atholl Higlanders Balkan Version (jig)

In that case shouldn’t the key be D minor, the scale of which in one form goes D-E-F(nat)-G-A-Bflat-c#-d (as anyone who has flogged through scales when learning the piano will agree).

One can argue that it should be D minor {one of them anyway}, if you want to be hypercorrect it is HIDJAZ if you speak arabic or HICAZ in turkish. AHAVA RABA if it is to be associated with klezmer. This is actually the intial words in a jewish prayer.

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