A Stor Mo Chroi waltz

Also known as A Stor Mo Croi, Astor Mo Chroi, O Love Of My Heart, O Store Of My Heart, Stór Mo Chroí.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: A Stor Mo Chroi
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
(G3/2A/)|B3/2B/ B2AB|(AG) (3(EDB,) D2-|
D4E3/2G/|A3/2B/(AGED)|(B,3/2A,/)(B,D) E2|
[1E4:|2 E4-E E|(3(ED)E (3GAB d3/2e/|
E3E (3(ED)E|(3(GAB) e3f|(3(edB) d3(e/d/)|
B3/2A/ B3A/B/|(AG) (3(ED)B, D2-|
D2BA (3GED|(B,3A,) (B,D)|E2E4||
X: 2
T: A Stor Mo Chroi
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
(c3/2d/)|e3/2e/ e2de|(dc) (3(AGE) G2-|
G4A3/2c/|d3/2e/(dcAG)|(E3/2D/)(EG) A2|
[1A4:|2 A4-A A|(3(AG)A (3cde g3/2a/|
A3A (3(AG)A|(3(cde) a3b|(3(age) g3(a/g/)|
e3/2d/ e3d/e/|(dc) (3(AG)E G2-|
G2ed (3cAG|(E3D) (EG)|A2A4||
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X: 3
T: A Stor Mo Chroi
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
(c3/2d/)|e3/2e/ e2d<e|(d>c) AG/E/ G2-|
G4A3/2c/|d3/2e/ (d>c A>G)|(E3/2D/) (E<G) A2|
[1A4:|2 A4-A A]|AG/A/ cd/e/ g3/2a/|
A3A AG/A/|cd/e/ (a4|a)g/e/ (g3 ^g)|
a2=f3g|a^de3 d/e/|d>c AG/E/ G2-|
G2ed cA/G/|E3D EG|(A2A4)||
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X: 4
T: A Stor Mo Chroi
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
(d3/2e/)|f3/2f/ f2e<f|(e>d) BA/F/ A2-|
A4B3/2d/|e3/2f/ (e>d B>A)|(F3/2E/) (F<A) B2|
[1B4:|2 B4-B B]|BA/B/ de/f/ a3/2b/|
B3B BA/B/|de/f/ (b4|b)a/f/ (a3 ^a)|
b2^g3a|b=ff3 e/f/|e>d BA/F/ A2-|
A2fe dB/A/|F3E FA|(B2B4)||
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Six comments

A Stor Mo Chroi (Treasure of my heart)

In response to a request by swisspiper, this is a lovely slow air and song. The air is a variant of “Bruach na Carraige Báine.” The song, about an emigrant, was written in 1929 by Brian O’Higgins (1882-1963).

The words of the song:

A Stor Mo Chroi, when you’re far away
From the home that you’ll soon be leaving,
Sure it’s many a time by night and by day
That your heart will be sorely grieving.
For the stranger’s land may be bright and fair,
And rich in all treasures golden.
You’ll pine, I know, for the long, long ago
And the heart that is never olden.

A Stor Mo Chroi, in the stranger’s land
There’s plenty of wealth and wailing.
Though gems adorn the rich and grand
There are faces with hunger paling.
The road may be weary, and hard to tread
And the lights of the city blind you.
Oh turn, A Stor, to old Erin’s shore
And the ones you have left behind you.

A Stor Mo Chroi, when the evening’s mist
O’er mountain and meadow is falling,
Oh turn, A Stor, from the throng and list
And maybe you’ll hear me calling.
For the sound of a voice that you seldom hear
For somebody’s speedy return.
Aroon, aroon, Won’t you come back soon
To the one who really loves you.

Slow tempo

play at a slow tempo 1/4=90

I play it something similar on whistle/ flute - though always thought this was in E minor, has that kinda feel. You can also start on high D which allows you to catch lower notes on D pitched whistle etc. but personally I prefer the lower pitched version - more like the song.

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Re: A Stor Mo Chroi

We had a cracking Session in Tom’s, Ballycastle last Friday night & one of the many highlights was Daithi playing this beautiful Slow Air on Flute.
It’s such a lovely tune I just had to have a go at it myself.
Played here on Hammered Dulcimer, English Concertina & Fiddle.
I sneak in The Heathery Breeze at the end.