One recording of
A Stor Mo Chroi
The Lads Of Laois

A Stor Mo Chroi (waltz) is also known as A Stor Mo Croi, Astor Mo Chroi, O Love Of My Heart, O Store Of My Heart, Stór Mo Chroí.

The Lads Of Laois (reel) is also known as Gearrbhodaí Laoise, Lads Of Laoise, The Lads Of Laoise, The Lads Of Leith, The Lord Of Laois, Sic A Wife As I Hae Gotten, Sir Adam Ferguson’s.

And The Fiddles Played On by Fiddleheads

  1. Stor Mo Chroi
  2. Brenda Stubbert’s
  3. Lads Of Laois