Road To Barga slip jig

By Cillian Vallely

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One setting

X: 1
T: Road To Barga
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DEG ABdB|edB g2ed|edB dBe2|dBG ABGE|
DEG ABdB|edB g2ed|edB dBe2|dAB G2~G2:|
edB g2eg|abg e2dB|dBA B2DE|DEG ABG2|
edB g2eg|abg e2dB|deg e2dB|dAB G2~G2||
edB g2ab|abg e2dB|dBA B2DE|DEG ABGE|
DEG ABGA|Bde g2ed|edB dBe2|dAB G2~G2||

Seven comments

The Balkanization of ITM

Here’s yet another 7/8 tune. This one written by piper Cillian Vallely. I think that there are enough of these quirky tunes out there that we need a separate tempo option in the pull down . . .

The Balkanization of ITM

I agree there is a case for a 7/8 tempo option in the pull-down, because there is a handful of ITM tunes like that (Grey Larsen’s Thunderhead comes to mind), and anyway it isn’t all that difficult to convert a 6/8 tune into 7/8 (and vice versa).

But I think you’d have to draw the line at the exotic time signatures you can get in Eastern European music, mainly because they’re not really part of the celtic tradition, the tempos tend to change frequently in such tunes (because they’re transcriptions of what is essentially a difficult aural tradition to notate), and the pull-down option would soon get out of hand.

Balkan impulse

Nice tune.

bar 1, 5 & 21 may be played
| DEG B2 dB | instead of | DEG ABdB |

I also agree for an assymetric option in the pull-down.

Other 7/8 ITM tunes

Watermans, Wrong Foot Forward, The Gentle Giant, Famous Last Words, Through the Roof, . . .

There must be others as well . . .

And I was just working on gettting this tune, but you beat to it.

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you have the time sig wrong.
It’s a 5/8 tune

duh…my fault….it is 7/8
<raising hand to “who can’t count?”>