The Pear Tree hornpipe

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Pear Tree
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DFAG FAdf|egce fdAG|FdAF EGBE|CDEC A,2A,2|
DFAG FAdf|egce fdAG|FdAF EBGE|1 D2D2D2 FE:|2 D2D2D2 de||
|:f^efd AdFd|BdAd BdAd|f^efd ABcd|e^def e2 =de|
f^efd AdFd|BdAd GdFd|BcdB cdec|1 d2d2d2 de:|2 d2d2d2 FE||
X: 2
T: The Pear Tree
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
F>Ac>B A>cf>a|g>be>g a>fc>B|A>fc>A G2 B>G|E>F (3GFE c>BA>G|
F>Ac>B A>cf>a|g>be>g a>fc>B|A>fc>A G>dB>G|G>FF>E F2:|
a>^ga>f c2 A>f|d>fc>f (3def c>f|a>^ga>f c>de>f|=g>^fg>a (3bc'b a>^g|
a>^ga>f c>fA>f|d>fc>f d>fc>B|d>ef>d e>f (3gfe|f2 c2 F2:|
X: 3
T: The Pear Tree
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DFAG FAdf|(3efg ce fdAG|FdAF EBGE|F^EFG E2FE|
DFAG FAdf|(3efg ce fdAG|FdAF EBGE|1 :(3EFE DAD2 z2:|2 : (3EFE DAD2 de||
|:f^efd AdFd|(3Bcd Gd AdFd|f^efd ABcd|e^def (3efe =de|
f^efd AdFd|(3Bcd Ad GdFd|BcdB cdec|1 dzfed2 de:|2 degfd2z2||

Twelve comments

The Champion String Band used to play this one.

Seems structured more like a hornpipe to me, but that’s just an ignorant hunch.

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The Champion String Band did it as a reel,but I always suspected that it was a hornpipe,but I decided to post it the way Chuck Fleming played it..Does anyone remember the Champion String Band? Chuck Fleming on Fiddle,Tom Gillfennon guitar and vocals,Martin Matthews (now a member of Cuig) on banjo and mandolin.They made a great album which I only have on cassette.

A hornpipe for sure

I think James Hill composed it.I have a recording of Josie Keegan playing it

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“String Band” ~ as in North America and with old-time, the tendency is to flatten hornpipes, resulting in them being played as reels or breakdowns…

“The Pear Tree Hornpipe” ~ James Hill

Also available swung and in the flavour of ~

K: F Major

|: (3cbA |
F>Ac>B A>cf>a | g>be>g a>fc>B | A>fc>A G2 B>G | E>F (3GFE c>BA>G |
F>Ac>B A>cf>a | g>be>g a>fc>B | A>fc>A G>dB>G | G>FF>E F2 :|
|: f>g |
a>^ga>f c2 A>f | d>fc>f (3def c>f | a>^ga>f c>de>f | =g>^fg>a (3bc’b a>^g |
a>^ga>f c>fA>f | d>fc>f d>fc>B | d>ef>d e>f (3gfe | f2 c2 F2 :|

Here’s another way with the fourth bar of the B-part, for those of you who might like to avoid the c’…
=g>^fg>a (3gag =f>g |

Oh yeah, and in that bar, whichever way you take it, it’s that midway thing again that sometimes takes hold of me ~ with the ^f being a little sharper than usual, somewhere between f# and g…

Damn, missed that, the lead in above, though most will have figured it out, should have read ~ |: (3cBA |

B-Part, measure six can mirror measure two and end on the ‘f’:
| d>fc>f d>fc>f | ~
~ or as I’ve played it for bars six and seven, returning to the ‘f’ in the next bar:
| d>fc>f d>fc>B | A>fc>f e>f (3gfe | f2 c2 F2 :|

Re: The Pear Tree

I’m eleven years late to the discussion- typical me.

This is a James Hill tune, as mentioned before, and since he wrote mostly hornpipes I’m willing to bet it ought to be a hornpipe and not a reel. It seems very characteristically hornpipeish to me, bearing a strong resemblance to many of his other hornpipes, particularly the arpeggio type passages.

The Pear Tree, X:3

I learned this version from flute and whistle player John Skelton. He has unwrapped the low notes in the A part in favor of some harmony notes, as they are unplayable on a whistle. He has also added some triplets, plus a variation in the 14th bar that creates a nice descending melody to alternate with the high D notes.
This is definitely a hornpipe, as written by James Hill.

I have set it in D as it was taught, although it was written in F.

Re: The Pear Tree

I really like ’The Pear Tree“ except for that last version that is. Seriously, are there some wrong notes in that?