One recording of
Tom McElvogue’s
Paddy O’Rafferty’s

Tom McElvogue’s (reel) is also known as McElvogue’s, Tom McElvogue’s No.3.

Paddy O’Rafferty’s (jig) is also known as Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh, Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh, Paidin O’ Raifearta’s, Paidin O’ Raifertaigh.

The One I Loved The Best by The London Lasses and Chris O'Malley

  1. Tom McElvogue’s
  2. Port A Bhand (Farewell To Lisheen)
  3. Mick Cooney’s Fancy
  4. Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh