Skolios jig

Also known as Bent, The Bent.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Skolios
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
M: 7/8
|: E |Aee ec Ac | cde cd BG | c2 d ec dc | B2 ^A BG =AE |
A2 e ec Ac | cee cd BG | cdd ec Ac | B^AB =A2- A :|
|: ^g |acc ec dc | abb ga ^ga | cee ac ec | fgg af ge |
[1 aec ec dc | a2 b g2 ^ga | c2 e ac ec | dBc A2- A :|
[2 Aee ce Ac | c2 e ed BG | c2 d dc Ac | AB^G A2- A |]

Thirteen comments

"Skolios" ~ the roots of deception ~

"Skolion Of Seikilos"
Submitted on April 22nd 2006 by Trevor Jennings.

From little comments curious tunes develop… For some reason this reminds me of a copy of Huxley’s "Doors to Perception" I own, hopefully still somewhere in the scrum of books I’ve left with various friends. It was, and being a printer I’m not altogether sure how they did this and let it by, printer back to front and morror-image, like Leonardo’s ‘secret code’, and as I first wrote in my early dementia as a kid. The meaning of the word "Skolios" = "Bent", for some reason brought that to mind. Yeah, well, I already know that, my brain is wired differently, but so is everyone elses…

Hopa Hey!

"Skolion of Seikilos"

Oh yeah, and the Greek epitaph too…

Burn brightly and live life fully while the breath is in you,
Life is too short to give too much of it over to bitcing and moaning,
Time always wins out in the end, ashes to ashes…

Or something along those lines…

Hmmm, those damned grimlins again… I am no longer a ‘printer’, but have been in various guises in the past. The old fashioned way did my back in, knock on wood, as it isn’t so bad at the moment. I was good at setting type, as you can imagine, being able to easily read mirror-imaged layout (not ‘morror-image’)… And, it was meant to say above that the book was ‘printed’ back to front and mirror-imaged. The cover was OK. I didn’t discover the curiosity until I got home. At the time I was voraciously reading everything Huxley had ever written, or trying to, including back-to-front and mirror-imaged…

At least ‘grimlins’ was an intentional mis-spelling…

It must be the cheese ~ I also do this, a take on it, in 21/16…

Skolios (jig)

Great tune, Ceol! Glad my original tune submission inspired it. There’s an interesting relationship between the Greek words "skolion" and "skolios".
"Skolios" means bent, curved, winding, etc, as you said.
A "skolion" was a drinking song sung by guests at banquets to the accompaniment of music - probably a lyre. Each guest who sang held a myrtle branch which he passed across the table to anyone he chose. The myrtle branch in its travels around the table executed a zigzag or winding ("skolios") course, and this gave the name "skolion" to the song that was sung on these occasions.

Thanks for the branch, I like Myrtle…

Skolios (jig)

Is the last A in the 4th bar of the first part intended to be A-nat? If the ABC notation is taken literally it would be A#, but that doesn’t sound right.

Hi Trevor, I suspect you’re reading the notation wrongly, that sharp (#) that happens in the bar is for the G, not for the A, so =A, or A narutal, is as intended… Remember the standing key this works around is G Major… I hope that helps. Thanks again for the inspiration, and the notes too…

Obviously, you’ve a good set of ears, worthy of trust even when your eyes are telling you something else… 😉

Of course, speaking of relatives, G Major and A Dorian having just the one sharp… This tune has been listed as A Dorian, just the one constant accidental of F#… (~ & not A Major, F#-C#-G#, in case that may have been the mistaken reading.)

Damn! ~ you caught me out…

There’s my eyes failing, I was stuck at the final bar of the whole piece, you are right!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I missed the ‘=’ in the fourth bar of the A-part that I had caught in the eighth… YES, YES, YES, you are right, it doesn’t work as a # and the ABCs have been changed.

I am caught up in a load of writing at the moment and going cross-eyed, it involves old recordings, oral history and music and other ramblings, including my own… I am also working on a CV and applications for work ~ seeking gainful employment, gainful meaning on the most part for the soul and spirit, but the dosh would be welcome too.

Thanks Trevor for getting me to this and the necessary correction… It may be in part related to that catch all term I’ve been fairly recently tagged with as being ~ dyslexic… It was my want to learn shorthand and the hell of the form being reversed and mirror-imaged when I had to read what I’d written. It was like being a kid again, something I used to do with the ABCs… 😉

Oh yeah, and a 50th birthday, my wife’s, to deal with too, and a cake to bake, and a house to clean, and ~

Excuses, excuses, excuses ~ Thanks for the help and consideration Trevor…