Lime Hill strathspey

By Dan R. MacDonald

Also known as Limehill.

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Lime Hill

Strathspey composed by Dan R. McDonald of Cape Breton

Hi Slainte, your friend is good on the fiddle, but the piano accompaniment is totally wierd in that recording, it sounds like an attempt to imitate the Cape Breton piano style but not quite succeding…

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You have good ears, McG. The piano player doesn’t specialise in C.B. music.

I don’t know how good my ears are really… but I happen to listen to a lot of CB music 🙂

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Lime Hill set on YouTube played by late John Morris Rankins

The Lime Hill strathsphey sets off this set.

The set includes
The Lime Hill strathspey (by Dan R MacDonald)
Calum Breugach strathspey
Jack Daniels reel (by John Morris)
Molly Rankin’s reel (by John Morris)
Muillean Dubh reel

John Morris on the fiddle. Howie MacDonald is on piano, and Jimmy on the drums. You can also hear the audience clapping- this is in Scotland so they fortunately do it with rhythm…

Lime Hill Set


Have downloaded the original Rankin video. I also have my own recording of the Molly Rankin Reel (Wayne Robertson Trio, Guardbridge 1993), but can someone please tell me:

What are the other tunes on this fantastic video with Rankin himself?

Mery Christmas

Nollaig mhaith, Bliadhna Ur mhaith,
Slainte agus Beannachd leibh gu leir!

James D

Greven, Germany