The Lake Shore jig

Also known as Connie The Soldier.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Lake Shore
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fdd cde|fdd d2e|fdd e2d|cAA Ade|
fed edc|AdB =cAG|EGG EAG|1 EDC Dde:|2 EDC D2||

Eight comments

The Lake Shore

This version of the tune I transcribed from the playing of Charlie Piggott, Miriam Collins And Joe Corcoran from their album ‘The Lonely Stranded Band’, which came out 2003-ish.

I’m quite surprised that no-one’s submitted these ABCs - it seems to me to be a simple but attractive tune.

I am not a technical anorak, but if I spotted it right, it seems to start in C Lydian mode, jump to D major after the turn, and goes back to C Lydian halfway through the B music. Nice effect often found in Irish jigs. Jack Gilder, you helped me out with mode identification for ‘Aherne’s Egg’. Anyone got any ideas how to classify this one? If it matters, which it doesn’t…

The Lake shore

I would say it starts in Dmix.
In the b-part Cnat can be played instaed of the sharp ones, so its more mixolydian than major

Anyway it is a nice tune

The Lake Shore

This is yet another variant of “Connie the Soldier”: I think Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn recorded a very similar version on their duet album.

They’re playing the first bar as |DEG ABA| not |DED DEG|

Go to Slainte’s link above for some transcriptions of different settings