Two recordings of
Ah Surely
The Maid Behind The Bar

Ah Surely (reel) is also known as Ah Surely !, Ah, Surely, Ah, Surely!, Ah! Surely, Aye Surely, Aye’ Surely, Bearna Na Gaoithe, The Boys Of The 25, Cinnte Le Dia, Gap In The Winds, John Quinn’s Favourite, Killabeg House, Killaghbeg House, The Rose In The Garden, Up Cloontia, The Windy Gap.

The Maid Behind The Bar (reel) is also known as The Barmaid, Freastalaí Laistiar Cuntar, Freastalaí Laistiar ḍen ǥCuntar, The Haymaker, Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar, Little Judy, Little Judy’s, New York.

Broken Eggs by Cattle Grid

  1. The Fox In The Town
  2. Ah Surely
  3. The Chicago
  4. The Maid Behind The Bar

The Master Pipers - Volume 3 by Leo Rowsome

  1. The Maid Behind The Bar
  2. Ah Surely !