Añada De Chanuces reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Añada De Chanuces
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FBBA (3BcB AB|cded cBAB|c2 cB A2 AG|FEFG EFFF:|
fagf efdf|fdef ag e2|1 fagf efde|efdc dc B2:|2 fagf dBcd|efdc dcBc||
"Last time" fagf dBcd|efdc dBBA|B8||

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Llan de Cubel

I’ve transcribed this Asturian tune (I guess it’s Asturian) from Llan de Cubel, the last tune in “Lliberdón” (Album: Un Tiempu Meyor).
I think they play it in C minor though.

I have no idea what kind of tune it is as I don’t know anything about Asturian music, but I see it could work as a reel, couldn’t it?

4/4 Asturian

My guess is it is a March or Rumba. If it is kind of fast and swung, I would guess Rumba. If it is slower and you could march to it, well you get the picture.

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Looking at the music, I want to say itis a Rumba. Although, I may just be talking, I know Galician Music better than I know Asturian and they may have different tunes. Although, a Scottish Reel and an irish Reel are both Reels, and Rumbas are all over Spain.

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Actually Llan de Cubel play it fast like a reel.
Now I realize that “Añada” is probably the kind of tune, well that’s what it seems because as I can see there are more asturian tunes that are called “Añada de..(something).”

Lullaby !!

“The last piece was originally a lullaby. It is from Chanuces [ county Quiros ] and is included in Torner’s songbook [ #434]. We thought it a good idea to play it in a more lively way. Marcos finished it off by composing the second part.”.

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In fact añada comes from the Asturian verb añar, that means ‘to cradle’, so it is indeed a lullaby.