Two recordings of
Paddy Taylor’s
The Maho Snaps

Paddy Taylor’s (reel) is also known as McCabe’s, Paddy Taylors, Tripping Up The Stairs.

The Maho Snaps (jig) is also known as Dumfries House, Magho Snaps, The Maho Schnaps, Mahoe Snaps, The Mahoe Snaps, Mayo Snaps, The Mayo Snaps, McSnap’s.

Foinn Seisiun 3 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne

  1. Paddy Clancy’s
  2. The Maho Snaps
  3. Paddy Taylor’s

The Good Ear by Dougal Adams And Ormonde Waters

  1. Walsh’s
  2. The Mahoe Snaps
  3. Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself
  4. Paddy Taylor’s