Inspector Hector slip jig

By Donald Shaw

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I couldn’t believe this incredible tune wasn’t here yet. I’ve transcribed it from Nadurra (Capercaillie). It’s in the set “Inspector Hector / Failte Gu Whalley Range / Argyll Lassies / The Bass Rock”

Who is the composer?

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And now I see it’s probably Donald Shaw, who plays the sartarelle accordion and more instruments in the band.

Capercaille performance ~ John F. Kennedy Center

During the performance slainte/Hiro directed us to, as they present the ‘Scottish’ set of 9/8 jigs ~ \

“Inspector Hector” / “Whalley Range”

Donald Shaw says ~ compsed by their flute player, Manchester’s Michael McGoldrick…?

“Farewell To Whalley Range” ~ by Michael McGoldrick

Key signature: F# minor pentatonic
Submitted on January 19th 2004 by kiwi.

At least the second in the set is confirmed…

Inspector Hector was written by Donald Shaw. The tune may have originally had a different name but this name is for his son Hector. Farewell to Whalley Range was written by Michael McGoldrick about the area of Manchester he is from. According to this site The Bass Rock is also a McGoldrick composition. Can’t help on the Argyll Lassies though - could be traditional. This doesn’t make it a very Scottish set though when 2 of the compositions are by Mike McGoldrick, although the Bass Rock is in Scotland.

Brilliant Alistair, thanks for the clarification…

B dorian??

Is it listed as B Dorian because F#Minor is not an option?

If so then fair enough I suppose but for clarification this tune, like “Farewell to Whalley Range” is definately in F#m.

Why does this site have B dorian listed as a possible key and not F#m? Seems daft!

F#m? No

This is in F#m? I don’t think so… Isn’t it in B dorian??

B Dorian ~ !?

I would say it, and “Whalley Bridge” too, tend to work around and resolve on B, and lack that more mournful character, that ‘feel’ of ‘minor’. It may be too early in the morning for this but my inclination at the moment is to agree with you and say B Dorian for both. I’ll wake up Dow, if I’m wrong he’ll enjoy rubbing my nose in it… 😏

Oh yeah I would have enjoyed that, but in this case I have to agree 😉

You’re wrong about Farewell to Whalley Range though. That’s F#m pentatonic.

Yeah, that’s what I’d said originally, I guess I should have more faith in myself… sniff, sniff… 😎

on the link to the performance they start playing this tune and the others at the time of about 39 minutes in!! It’s just classs that’s all i can say!

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The used scale is A (3#). The key is F#m.

BTW, the G# is not used here (at least in the melody, but appears in the chords of E and C#m that can be used for backing …)