Mother Redcap’s jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Mother Redcap's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
d|:e2a aga|bge dBA|BGE DEG|BAG ABd|
eaa aga|bge dBA|BGE DGB|ABA ABd:|
|:~e3 deB|~e3 deB|dAB GAE|DGB ABd|
~e3 deB|~e3 deA|BGE DGB|ABA ABd:|
X: 2
T: Mother Redcap's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
eaa a^ga|bge dB^A|BGG DGG|B^AB AB/c/d|
e2 a ae/g/a|bge dB^A|BGE DEG|AcB A2:|
ee/e/e deB|ee/e/g deB|dG/A/B G/A/BE|DGB ABd|
e2 e deB|e2 g d>B^A|BGE DEG|A/B/cB A2:|

Fifteen comments

Mother Redcaps? Theres a pub over here called Mother Redcaps. Is that what this tune is referring to?

I’m talking about the pub here in Dublin near Christ Church with afternoon sessions most days of the week.

No there’s one in Holloway Road in London near Archway; I suspect it’s named after the one in Dublin as it’s had an Irish landlord for years. I named it for the one in London though.

“Mother Redcap’s Jig” ~ by our illustrious Conán McDonnell

Just so the composer is tagged clear and evident here…

Mother’s Little Redcap Gone Astray ~

Sorry mate, it was under the influence of too much caffeine, too many espressos. I know, I know, I should have been drinking alcohol. Anyway, here’s just a bit of fun, forgive me my sins…

K: A something or other (Look ma, no F’n about!)
|: c |
eaa a^ga | bge dB^A | BGG DGG | B^AB AB/c/d |
e2 a ae/g/a | bge dB^A | BGE DEG | AcB A2 :|
|: ^d |
ee/e/e deB | ee/e/g deB | dG/A/B G/A/BE | DGB ABd |
e2 e deB | e2 g d>B^A | BGE DEG | A/B/cB A2 :|

Oh yeah, to get the real feel of what the caffeine contributed, here’s the fifth and sixth bars of the B-part a bit closer to what’s happening:

| e.ze. deB | e.zg. d>B^A | ~

It’s ‘slainte’s fault, after all, he brought up the subject of corruption…

Actually Sláinte is right; when I was sticking it together I was wondering why it reminded me of another tune. I couldn’t put my finger on it so thought no more about it. Alas! It sounds like a cheap rip-off of The Cliffs! I’m away for some self-flagellation.

Sounds a bit like the Clare version of the Cliffs Of Moher.

Hair shirt Conán… If we were to oust everything that had it’s inspiration in another melody we’d be in dire straights…

Interesting changes slamming all these into the one set…

Amanita Muscaria ~ alias Donough’s Red Cap ~
Check out the map on the upper right and click on Australia to get here:

You’ll find the “Poisonous Beauty” on page 1, Amanita Muscaria, one of the Amanitas that is found world wide, including Asia and North America and here in Europe and on these isles, Britain and Eire. Click on it for a closer view:

Sometimes, more often than not, the direct link does not seem to work, which is why I’ve given you the steps there… It is a beauty, well, for those of us who like fungi….