Mike Coogan’s polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mike Coogan's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
e>d|:BE FD|ED B,A,|B,E EF/E/|D2 e>d|
BE (3FED|ED B,A,|B,E EF|1 E2 e>d:|2 E2 DE/F/||
G>F G>B|d>e dB|G>F GB/d/|ef/e/ dB/A/|
G>F G>B|de dB/A/|GE F/E/D|E2 DE/F/|
G>F G>B|d>e dB/A/|G>F GB/d/|ef/e/ dB/d/|
ed BG|A/B/G AB|eE F/E/D|E2 e>d||

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MIke Coogan’s

C:Paddy O’Brien
S:Chulrua - Barefoot at the Altar, Track 6

Mike Coogan

Paddy wrote this tune for his friend, Mike Coogan. Mike was a lifelong member of Ancient Order of Hibernians serving at virtually every local, state and national (US) level at some point. He was instrumental in opening the doors of the local AOH hall to what has become one of the best sessions in this part of the country. He passed on in May 2005 and is greatly missed by the entire community.

I take it this is the Paddy O’Brien living in Minneapolis, a button box player originally from County Offaly, and from your ‘Details’ that the local hall you mention is somewhere in Cincinnati, Ohio? This Paddy O’Brien:

Traditional Music Of Ireland
James Kelly, Paddy O’Brien, Daithi Sproule
Submitted on May 19th 2006 by lukegarry.

If so, I was just this week contacted asking about other compositions by this particular Paddy and the other two, all three being intimate with the button box. It was in discussion between me here in Lancashire and Mark/Dow in Sydney. There is the one collection in print of the compositions of the Paddy I had the pleasure of sharing a wee bit of time and chat and music with, the one from Garrykennedy, Nenagh and Newtown over on the next island, Eire, and I have a few scraps and pleasant memories also from Paddy "Bawn" of Dublin, but the only thing I know about the squeezer from Minneapolis is this one album and a few compositions on site here. It would be nice to see more of his work, just so long as you ask the man for his approval before posting, out of basic consideration…

Paddy O’Brien ~ the younger

reell: "The Little/Small Hills Of Offaly"
Submitted on October 30th 2003 by Peter Piper.

reel: "The Antrim Rose"
Submitted on May 21st 2004 by Kenny.

I am told on ‘authority’, Dow 😉 that these first two tunes have a place amongst the regular session tunes in the land of Oz.

reel: "Sarah Kelly’s Delight" / "Sarah’s Delight"
Submitted on December 28th 2001 by spoon.
~ as ‘gan ainm’, an update has been requested…

If I’ve missed any others, please let me know and I’ll pass on the links next time I’m chatting with Mark alias Dow…