Three recordings of
The Bag Of Spuds
Eileen Curran

The Bag Of Spuds (reel) is also known as An Mála Fataí, The Bag O’ Spuds, The Bag Of Potatoes, Cruit Ṗrátaí, The Gipsy, The Gypsy, The Ladybower, Ladybower’s, Ladybowers’, Sligo Dandy.

Eileen Curran (reel) is also known as Eileen Curran’s, Eileen Curren, Eillie Curran’s, John Stewart, The Sailor’s Return, Sailors Set On Shore.

Mist And Stone by Maggie Sansone

  1. Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
  2. The Bag Of Spuds
  3. Eileen Curran

The Hernons. A musical journey from Connemara to Sligo by The Hernons

  1. Bag Of Spuds
  2. Eileen Curran

The Last of the Travelling People by The Doyle Family

  1. Bag Of Spuds
  2. Eileen Curran
  3. The Bird In The Bush