Rockfield reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rockfield
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FBBA ~B2 dB|AFFF DFAF|EBBA Bcdf|~e2 ef edBA|
FBBA ~B2 dB|AFFF DFAF|EBBA Bcde|fbaf gfef|
dBBA ~B2 dB|AFFF DFAF|EBBA ~B3A|(3Bcd BA Bcde|
~f3b bafb|afff fedf|eBBA ~B3f|edBA Bcde|
~f3b bafb|afff fedf|e2ba bafa|~e3b bafe|
~f3b bafb|afff fedf|eBBA ~B3f|edBA (3Bcd BA|
~F3A Bcde|f2fg fedf|edBf edBf|1 edef edBA:|2 edef afec|B8||

Eight comments

Lúnasa. Redwood.

How insane this tune wasn’t here yet, one of the best reels I’ve ever seen/heard.

Source: Redwood (Lúnasa)
Composer: Unknown for now (sorry)
Transcription: Pere

composed by Donough Hennessy
according to the CD booklet

How cool! i was just saying this tune doesnt exist here!!

I was just showing this tune to my girlfrend saying "and this one doesn’t exist here, i wish it would". and it did!!

thanks pere!

Sorry + what i think of the tune

(remove the top post if you dislike it.)

About the tune,
Although I like it, the repetition is not exactly identical which makes it end up on a lot of bars, thats a shame.

What an awesome tune that is full of energy.

Now when I play the Musical Priest, I always end up playing this tune instead accidentally. They are actually pretty similar.