The Upstairs reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Upstairs
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FAde~f2ed|efed (3Bcd AG|ABAG FAde|edaf gfed|
f2de~f2ed|efed (3Bcd AG|ABAG FAde|edaf gfez:|
ed(3=cde d2ed|=cede edf2|gfed ef~g2-|gfga gfe2|
ed(3=cde d2ed|=cede edf2|gfed ef~g2-|1 gfga gfe2:|2 gbag agfd||

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Source: Another Day, Solas.
Composer: Unknown for now, sorry
Transcription: Pere

Check the liner notes for the recording…

I believe it is by Seamus Egan but haven’t anyway to confirm that, so hopefully someone else will. I haven’t the album in question…

I can’t check the liner notes because I don’t have them.

"Another Day" ~ Solas

If you like the recording that much and are as passionate about this music as you claim, support the band and the music by purchasing the CD and tashing the pirated copy you’ve got…then you’d have the liner notes…and a bit more of the story behind their way with the music… This recording is still in circulation and available, as is the band…

Or talk someone into getting it for you for Christmas or your birthday. Unfortunately I already have too many people on my list of folks to purchase CDs for…

I’ll send you my wish list 🙂

Dow’s request for aid ~ and he kicking me up the backside ~

and barefooted with a sloshing mug of espresso in my mits onto this damned soapbox, hot coffee down my front and making a stained mess of this old moth eaten t-shirt and knee holed blue jeans. But since he’s got me here and there aren’t any holes opened up under this desk and gremlins about, not that I can see or hear, here is my answer to those sob story of not having the money to buy CDs, one of the endless excuses for pirating the music. Nanyway, and hidden here in the ‘comments’ of this one tune ~

There are always excuses for what is essentially theft. I’m too poor to own a Hummer, but I want one, and that asshole with the millions and not nearly as nice as me has one. So, he can afford the loss, he can buy another, or several, he has insurance, I’ll go steal his Hummer… What saddens me, is so many of us have the gift of music, ‘LIVE’, why steal copies? And, if you really, really love a particular recording or even a sizeable percentage of it, why not save your pennies and end up with a very select collection of recordings in your collection instead of everything damn thing under the sun? Hell, if you want something that will force you to glean your own style, this is it, making a choice, being selective, choosing your ‘best of’…

I don’t have problems with someone want to learn something and they can’t get the recording, it is out of print, or they hate everything else on the CD but that one take on one tune. OK, you record a part of it to learn it and then once you have it in your possession, in your repertoire, your own way with it, the task is done. Why pirate everything that moves and calls itself Irish music? I know I’m being subjective, or you can call it that, but there is a lot of **** out there. Why keep a load of dross. Why not allow the band or musician the grace of their percentage, not just the change, but the numbers adding up next to their name for disks sold… It all counts in their value to the industry, including contracts to tour and other jobs ~ and that next recording… It all counts in their favour. To ‘steal’ their work, well, that only counts for you in pennies saved. Also though, it isn’t like our focus here is all about Sony, EMI, Warner Brothers or Green Linnet, but don’t use those as cheap shots to excuse theft either. Most ‘folk’ recordings are small industries, even ‘family’ industries. So, you aren’t just stealing from the artists, you are stealing from small recording companies. I know this too well. I have known a few that have gone under, and at a time when a good number of the folks who appreciated their output had ‘pirated copies’ in their possessions… They had the same sad excuse, the LPs were too expensive. In the end it is a personal choice. We choose to be a pirate free house and there’s no way I’ll be able to change that for anyone else, it is their decision, but I can comment on it, keep it in discussion. Like any other thing taken for granted, from wilderness areas to small press and recording people, to the artists they support and offer a start to ~ only you can choose to value a thing or not, to extend respect and consideration or not… My piggy bank is really thin, so I am always weighing up my wants with the actual spare change I can shake out of it. I am always going without, but not inside, because the music is there, however I may sometimes neglect it. On a desert island I won’t need something dependant on being plugged in or battery operated. Even with nothing, I will be able to make music one way or another…and that won’t cause me to break the piggy bank or rob anyone…

Uh oh, I can hear the scurrying of gremlins gathering…besides I need to get back to that rapidly cooling espresso, and to change out of these coffee stained clothes… Not bad, but then I like it iced too…

Just out of interest, if the price of CDs went up to $1000 per CD, would you still feel the same way, or would you feel that you were being ripped off, and that someone somewhere was being greedy?

I’d leave it to the commercial side of things and just be happy I can play the music without the costume jewelry…

Exaggerations? They aren’t going up to that price unless inflation meets the change. I agree that CD’s can be pricey, but I’ve found some great deals using this medium of the Internet and on the whole prices are within most people’s means even if we do have to save our pennies.