Richie’s reel

Also known as Richie’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Richie's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
eaec d2ed|cA (3Bcd efga|beef efga|bgec d2cd|
eaec d2ed|cA (3Bcd efga|gbef ge (3fga|1 gedB A4:|2 gefg a4||
gegf efga|~b3g ageg|~b3g agec|defd ~B3c|
dcde fe (3fga|~b3g ageg|~b3g ag e2|fdec defa:|

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Source: Local Ground, Altan.
Composer: According to the comments of the album on this website it was composed by C. Tourish
Transcription: Pere

I don’t know why it’s no linked to the album. What’s wrong?

Weird Pere, I don’t know what’s happening. Check your mail. I checked it all over carefully, oh, just remembered another test I’ll do. Anyway, I then added the same name and spelling into the ‘Alternate’ list ~ et voila! ~ the link worked and the album now shows. Try what I posted to you and I’ll do this other test…

Apostrophes ~ Yours ’ & mine ’ (get out the magnifying glass)

I was right, it is the apostrophe, in other words the ~ ’

I cut and pasted both versions and it seems your’s is registering differently, which suggests as I’d written to you, that it may be your keyboard and language settings that didn’t allow the website to recognize your title. Do as I suggested in the mailing and it should all work fine…


Hey thanks Ceolachan, I have a stupid spanish keyboard so the apostrophe must be considered different or something like that as you said.

Wow, really different apostrophes

And now I realize both apostrophes are really different, I had never noticed that. This makes me mad, I want to type your english apostrophe! : ( Does anyone know how I can do it?

Aposrophetic ~ ‘10’

I found ten different symbols in one font set, being a fontoholic, that could be used as apostrophes, wild eh, and that was a normal font face. The sad confession here is I’ve thousands… I did put ‘-aholic’ with ‘font’ didn’t I? What’s the Irish for font? All these addictions, the music included, I’ll have to seek some serious therapy…physical therapy…

‘C’ - you need some serious therapy and it is not physical 🙂
Try ‘FA’ - Fontaholics Anonymous

There’s a club??????????????????????????