Kerreg Beg An Treiz jig

Also known as Kerreg Beg An Triez, Qui R’bique En Treize!.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kerreg Beg An Treiz
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
EBA F2D|E ~E2 FGA|B2d cd/c/A|B2A F2D|
EBA F2D|EEE FGA|Bcd cd/c/A|B3 BAF|
EBA F2D|E~E2 FGA|B2d cd/c/A|B2A F2D|
EBA F2D|EEE FGA|Bcd cd/c/A|B4 ze|
edB A2B|d2c B2e|d2B Bc/B/A|~B3Bcd|
A2F ~A3|B/c/dc A2E|FBA F2D|E4 ze|
edB A2B|d2c B2e|d2B BA/^G/A|~B3Bcd|
A2F ~A3|B/c/dc A2E|FBA F2D|(E3E2) z|
F2A ~B3|e2d B2c|~d3d c/B/A|~B3 A2B|
d2c B2A|FED E2F|A2cBc/B/A|F3 F2C|
F2A ~B3|e2d B2c|~d3d c/B/A|~B3A2B|
d2c B2A|FED E2F|A2cBc/B/A|F3 F2z|
B2A ~B3|cBA ~F3|B2c~d3|e2d c2d|
B2A ~B3|cBA ~F2D|E2FABA|F3 F2 z|
B2A ~B3|cBA ~F3|B2c~d3|e2d B2c|
AB/A/F~ A3|B/c/d c A2E|FBA F2D|(E3E2)z|

Seven comments

Not really a jig

Breton tune which should be played at 100 or slightly less.
Got it off Tamalin - Rhythm ‘n’ Rhyme, as played by Paul McSherry


After further research I found that this is a recent composition; I thought it was a traditional air!

I’ll try to find contact details of the composer and ask him is it ok to keep the tune listed here.
The composer’s name is Donatien Laurent and the translation is “The Rocks of Beg An Treiz”.

It’s basically a 6/8 march rather than a jig, which is why it should be played slowly and quite straight, i.e. with a lot less triplets than I included.
Kerreg is similar to the Irish word “Carraig” which also means rock.

Thanks for asking, Ceolachán.

An honest man, and a scholar… 😉

Donatien Laurent has done a lot for Breton Culture through his research. The whole title means: The rocks at the end of the beach. Great tune by the way.

Beg an treis était une école de cornemuse crée le 7 avril 1961 par Herri Leon, instituteur à Porspoder et joueur de cornemuse, et qui regroupait les rares joueurs de cornemuse écossaise. Son but était d‘assurer la continuité de la tradition musicale bretonne. L’air a été composé par Donatien Laurent, membre de cette école. Malheureusement Herri Leon décedera accidentellement à 29 ans.
Grace à lui et bien d’autres musicien la musique bretonne était sauvée
Alain Nizou, natif de Porspoder