The Caterpillar slip jig

By Declan Masterson

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Caterpillar
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E2 B A2 F d3|E2 B A2 F GFD|E2 B A2 F d2 e|e2 B A2 d dBA:|
B2 e g2 f d3|B2 e b2 a f2 g|g2 f d2 B e3|e2 B A2 d dBA:|
B3 BAB d2 e|B3 BAG FGA|B3 BAB d2 e|1 gef deB dAB:|2 gef deB dBA||
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The Caterpillar

Shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how this one came about. Composed by Declan Masterson.

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The Butterfly!!!!!!!!!??????

Meri wins the coconut !
I heard this played by Declan Masterson some years ago on Radio Scotland, and thought it was quite clever. He’s taken the rhythm of “The Butterfly” and created a harmony which can stand on its’ own as a slip-jig. You can actually play it “over the top” of the “Butterfly”, and it works.

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The Butterfly

Is this the same tune that is on the Music at Matt Molloy’s album? It’s a beaut!

No tune called “The Butterfly” or “Caterpillar” on “Music From Matt Molloy’s” that I recall. I’ve only ever heard it played by Declan Masterson.

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Oops… Butterfly yes, Music at Matt Molloy’s no… but Bothy Band …

It’s cut number 2 on their “After Hours (Live In Paris)” album…
I’ve been listening to that and “Music at Matt Molloy’s” pretty solidly for the last week and they are starting to run together… LOL!

There is no tune called caterpillar on the CD, but the vehicle is listed on the musician’s list and you can hear him driving ny in the background….

I haven’t been able to get it to work with the Butterfly…

Kathleen Keane actually wrote a slip jig called “The Caterpillar”, but it’s nothing like this one.