The Piper’s Broken Finger reel

By Cathal McConnell

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The Piper’s Broken Finger

Composed by Cathal McConnell, and posted in response to a request from someone at “Chiff & Fipple”. Will comment later.

Someone asked about this tune on the “Chiff & Fipple” website, and since I knew of it, I said I’d have a go at transcribing it, even though I remembered it as having a somewhat unusual rhythm in the 2nd part. Couldn’t get it at all, so I “sub-contracted” it out to Malcolm Reavell, who’s much better than me at notating tunes. I merely translated it into “abc” format to post here, so the credit [ or blame ! ] is his.
There’s a great story I heard on Radio Scotland’s piping programme a few years ago, about the late Pipe Major G.S.McLennan. One of his pupils had written a march and asked G.S. for his opinion. He thought for a moment, and then said , “Aye, Robbie, it’s mair clever than musical”.
That, I’m afraid, is my opinion of this particular tune, but feel free to disagree.

I actually love listening to Marcas O’Murchu playing this and the Cocktail in a set. The two unusual tunes go well together.

Missing note ?

From memory, and I have not heard the tune for years, I think the note missing at the end of the fifteenth bar is a G quaver. I think this is a good-going flute tune, very good in fact.

Someone gave me The Boy’s Of The Lough’s album in 1977 as a wedding present and here’s a quote from the sleevenotes.
“For those of a curious nature,the title tune refers to an unlucky accident to Finlay MacNeill’s finger.This was broken in an ”unlucky accident“ just when he was about to record the tracks.However,every cloud has a silver lining! Having found an appropriate title for Cathal’s newly composed reel,it was natural to give the same title to the album.”

Stiil a great album,and it sounds much better on vinyl than it does on cd.

Setting #2

from playing of James Carty