The Houseboat jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Houseboat
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
|:fgf cAc|e2e GAB|cAF a2a|ged cde|
fgf cAc|e2e GAB|cAF agf|ecg ffe:|
|:cAF cAF|F=dd cAF|GBe ecB|AcA GcG|
cAF =d2d|cfa c'ba|agf ecB|BgB ffe:|
fac' c'ba|agf ecB|A3 ecB|BAG EGB|
cfa c'ba|agf ecB|BgB gfe|Bce f2e|
fac' c'ba|agf ecB|A3 ecB|BAG EFG|
A3 B2B|cfa c'ba|agf ecB|AAG F3|

Four comments

More info

The key is actually F# dorian, but that wasn’t available as an option on the tune submission form. I used E major, which has the same sharps and flats, on Jeremy’s advice.

I transcribed this from the playing of Mick McAuley, from his album _An Ocean’s Breadth_, as heard on WGBH’s _A Celtic Sojourn_ radio program on May 20, 2006.

I was blown away by Mick’s rendition of this tune, and searched frantically for the sheet music, but couldn’t find it here or elsewhere on the ‘net. So I made the effort to transcribe it myself.

While there is a tune here at called the Houseboat, that one’s a reel while this one’s a jig, and musically they’re also completely different.

Link to the original podcast

If you want to hear Mick’s playing yourself, the Celtic Sojourn podcast it was in is still available for download here as of today:

and it looks like it should still be available for the next couple of months. Because the podcast is 3 hours of music encoded at 128kbps MP3, the download is 140MB, and is throttled, and seems to take about 15-20minutes on a broadband connection.

The key’s actually F#min, not F#dor, but F#min isn’t listed either.

Oh I beg your pardon, the 1st part is F#dor, but not the 2nd part. My bad.