The Cottage On The Hill reel

Also known as Martin Ruane’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Cottage On The Hill
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D2 (3FED ADFA|dfef dcdA|BEcE dEcE|Bdcd BAFE|
D2 (3FED ADFA|dfef d2 fd|eBBB A2 FA|dfag fd d2:|
|:afbf afef|dBBB A2 FA|BEcE dEcE|Bdcd BAFA|
aAgA fAeA|dcdA Bcdf|eBBB A2 FA|dfag fd d2:|

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Martin Ruane 1894-1986 Fiddler/Composer

This is another of my father’s reels (Martin Ruane 1894-1986). You will also find here a reel of his that I posted some time ago, Mixed Blooms. He composed Cottage on 4 April 1965. Although I’m not 100% sure, I think the cottage he is referring to is on Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland. The only recording of this tune is by Seamus Walshe, a Galway City boxplayer and a friend of Dad’s. If you want to hear this tune and Mixed Blooms, you can visit www.// You should hear my father’s playing of Mixed Blooms on the first page, and Seamus Walshe’s playing of The Cottage is the last tune on the Martin Playing page. I hope you enjoy it/them

I think you might need brackets on your triplets like this (3FED if you want the sheetmusic to print correctly. Also is that a typo in bar 5 of the B-part? If you’re quick you might be able to edit it before Jeremy does the dots. Great tune!

Thanks, Dow. Last name isn’t Jones, is it? Good eye. On the B5 bar, I don’t think there is a mistake. He does this thing a fair bit where he plays one note that stays the same and the other either climbs or descends. Clear as mud??? Like BE cE dE. Is it the aA you think is the typo?? If so, he wrote it that way, and it sounds okay to me (not a great endorsement). Or is it something I’m missing???

I was actually referring to the Ea. That’s a massive leap right from low E to top A in the middle of the phrase. "eA" would have made more sense to me playing it through, but hey, I didn’t write the tune 🙂

Mea culpa, mea culpa. You are, of course, right, Dow. My only excuseis that it’s nearly 2 in the morning here, so I should be in bed. Thanks, again.

The link above didn’t work either, so I’ll try again.
www:// I hope I have it right this time.

Beireann buan bua.

Dow Jones indeed - but I thought you were pushing for convention with triplets notated as F/E/D. Or are you just trying to flaunt convention just after establishing it.
Frozenstiff, just stand a little closer I’ve got a heater on here.

Mairtin, are you away to bed yet? It’s just that in the start of the B-part your repeat bar doesn’t…



Oh well, never mind 🙂

Now, lads, I’m definitely off to bed. Goodnight Dow and Donough. Oiche mhaith agaibh!

Martin Ruane ~ Irish Fiddler and Composer ~ 1894-1986

Direct link to the MP3, Seamus Walshe on melodeon:

Seamus Walshe ~ "Memories of Galway"
Submitted on April 13th 2004 by Greenwiggle.

This recording features three compositions of Martin Ruane, and hopefully ‘frozenstiff’ will thaw out and add the specifics, the actual names, and eventually we might get the links to work…

The Cottage on the Hill

This is a wonderful tune. I’ve been playing it on the fiddle this morning. Thank you for posting it, Mairtin.

Some Info on the Reels

I’m out of bed again and fully awake now. First, I would like to thank all of you for your help and advice with the posting, Dow, Donough and Ceolachan. I’m glad you like it, celticladda, and for playing it. If you were the only one to do so, the posting would be a success. The two reels I posted are reels I like a lot. I’m not sure which ones will end up as my favourites, as my picks at present are skills-driven. In other words, being a weak musician, I gravitate towards the simpler tunes. There are a few that I have difficulty with.
Thanks also to Jeremy who got the dots right in spite of my efforts at breaking the rules.

Names: On Seamus Walshe’s recording, a 1988 cassette, Memories of Galway, Track 5 of Side 1 is: Reels: Martin Ruane’s (Ruane). There are two reels on this track. The first is The Three Reevough Days and the second is The Cottage on the Hill.

Track 1 of Side 1 is: Reels: Paddy Fahy’s (Fahy) Martin Ruane’s No. 1 (Ruane). Dad named that reel Granuaile’s Castle.

In speaking with Seamus, he told me he did not know that Martin had given these reels names. Also, he did not know any of Martin’s other reels to play, although he knew they existed.

Grainne Ni Mhaille’s (Grace O’Malley’s) Castle is located on Achill Island, one of the castles of the famous pirate queen of the West of Ireland. Several books have been written about her. In Mayo, we all admired an Irishwoman who at a time when we were downtrodden refused to take second place to Elizabeth I. My father had a little extra regard for Grainne because a woman he greatly admired, his mother, was also an ‘O Malley
The Three Reevough Days is an old Irish story that Dad told me when I was very young. Later I read it in various collections. He was already dead before I found out that he had named one of his reels for this folktale/seansceal. Not surprisingly, it is a three-part reel.

If any of you feel you can make a good hand of playing either The Cottage or Mixed Blooms, I would love to receive a soundclip.

Slan go foill.

"Granuaile’s Casle" will have to be one of your future contributions…

Oh yes, as I head for sleep, and of course the three-part one too, "The Three Reevough Days"…

Will do some time. My middle name is procrastination. Actually, both reels named above, TTRD and GC, are 3-parters. AND, I would love to hear what you make of the two posted tunes, so soundclips svp, per favore, por favor, ma’s e bhur dtoil e.

A misattribution

Josephine Keegan includes this tune in her collection ‘Drop in the Ocean’, obviously by mistake, under the title ‘Martin Wynne’s No, 3’ (reel #169, page 63).

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