Come Back With My Bloody Car jig

By Donogh Hennessy

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Come Back With My Bloody Car

Source: LUNASA - “The Kinnitty Sessions”
Transcription: F SAUR

Notes the first part with 7 bars

Wonder if he ever got it back. Nice tune though

Come Back With My Bloody Car (jig)

To Fred Saur,
Any story behind this tune? Please share…

Come Back With My Bloody Car

No story about this, I don’t like unlinked tunes in recording page.
So, saturday morning, i met this lovely tune.

I find it very difficult to believe that there’s no story behind the title of this tune.

I bet Donogh Hennessy would know…

Lunasa used to tell the story behind this tune from the stage before playing it, back when Donogh Hennessy was still in the band. To be more specific, Kevin Crawford would tell the story in his own iminitable way. I couldn’t do justice to Kevin’s telling of the story, so I’ll not even try. But the bare bones of it is that Donogh heard a commotion one night, looked out the window and saw someone stealing his car. (Apparently a not uncommon occurrence in today’s Dublin.) He ran screaming down the street after the guy in pursuit, unsuccessfully IIRC, and ended up writing and naming this tune in commemoration of the incident.

Okay, according to the news clip, it was Galway not Dublin where Donogh’s car was stolen. And he did get the car back in the end. OTOH, the news clip says it’s a song, not a tune, and I and most other folks on thesession know better than that. So who you gonna believe?

From the recording and from playing it I hear the first three bars of this tune as two bars of 9/8 then going into 6/8 for the rest. Could just be me though!

Come Back With My Bloody Car

I agree with you Tize, and update the meter of the first and second bar in the ABC… Thanks indeed