One recording of
The Flower Of The Flock
Master Crowley’s

The Flower Of The Flock (reel) is also known as Plur Na DTread.

Master Crowley’s (reel) is also known as The Bluebells, Clarke’s Favourite, Crowley’s, Crowly’s, Down The Strand, Master CrowIey’s, Master Crowley, The Master Crowley, Master Crowly’s, Miss Patterson, Miss Patterson’s Slipper, Miss Patterson’s Slippers, Na Coinnle Corra, Shark’s Favourite, Slipéir Iníon Nic Pháidín, The Witchcraft.

Across The Waters - Irish Traditional Music From England by Various Artists

  1. The Reel Of Rio
  2. The Flower Of The Flock
  3. Master Crowley’s