Ronde De Loudeac barndance

Also known as Rond De Loudeac, Round Of Loudéac.

There is 1 recording of this tune.

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“Ronde de Loudéac” ~ a request

Alright, I told ‘swisspiper’ I owed him one and he took me up on it and asked if I’d fill at least one of his requests. I’ve a load of Rondes knocking around here, another tale of course, and I just hope this is one of the ones he was after, or close to it. I think this might be close to one of the recordings he mentioned, but I’m unsure what key the group played it in ~

Kornog ~ “Kornog IV”

Track 5: Air du Mené / Ronde de Loudéac

It would be grand if there’s someone else out there with another take on this, or a good transcription from that particular recording, or another key ~ I’d love to see it and I’m sure ‘swisspiper’ would too… I think this is at least one of the nicest of the Rondes de Loudéac… I have some others and I may place at least one more here for ‘swisspiper’ and anyone else who enjoys an occassional buttery Breton pastry with cidre…

I couldn’t find a ‘composer’ attached to this, but if there is and you know it ~ please, please give the person credit here, and my apologies for not chasing you up to clear this, if you are out there somewhere. Also, sadly, I don’t have any of Kornog’s recordings…someday…

That first beat of measure one, there are a choice of simple options for you already woven into the notation here, but for a bit of clarity, here are a few:

|: e2 ~
|: ee ~
|: e/e/e ~
|: ee/e/ ~
|: e/e/e/e/ ~
|: e/f/e ~
|: =c/d/e ~


C. thanks a lot for the tune. It’s not at all the one I was looking for, but it’s for sure a great one, too!

I’m looking for the Dans Loudieg from Kornog (Green linnet 20th anniversary CD). There are three tunes in this set, if anybody feels challenged…..Thanks

Sorry I missed the mark, but glad you like it anyway. I wasn’t able to find a composer for this one, but I suspect by its nature it might be a newer member to the form. I’ve a couple of other Ronds and will post them soon…though I feel the need to balance out any Breton contributions with the ‘other stuff’… 😉

What’s this doing here?


How comes French (Breton here) tunes are posted here??? I could post 200 Centre France bourrées, Alsacian tunes, etc. but I can’t see the point??? (why not Chinese?)

Because someone here requested it.
Because some Irish sessions play the occassional Breton piece.
Because some Bretons play Irish as well.
Because there already are on site several other Breton numbers.
Because certain Irish musicians have included this and similar things in their commercial recordings.
Because some of us are not so pointy headed and narrow about our musical joys ~ as was the norm with those we have as our primary sources…
It seems mostly the young and the inexperienced and ill informed, or the old and stubborn and equally ill informed and delude ~ that believe that Irish music is sacrosanct and has been passed on by the Gods and Godesses of Celtia and has only ever existed in a pure unsulied state must be preserved and defended so that it only exist in its own exclusive vacuum pack… Sadly, those sorts usually also tend to be narrow of definition there too, like polkas, slides, barndances, waltzes, mazurkas, varouviennes, highland flings ~ ETC… are definitely not Irish as well. Damn, guess what, if we really get picky about it, there isn’t anything that really qualifies. Are we allowed to play O’Carolan pieces? If they are OK, just passable, do we have to limit ourselves to them?

Sorry, it is late, and I just don’t have much patience for ignorance at the moment…

~ or snide remarks…

Oh yeah, I think I might have more Centre France bourées than you, and there’s several hundred Breton numbers ~ but I in no way intend to file them all here…nor any significant percentage…

Go on, I dare you to post all of them 🙂

“YeeHa!” ~ “I’ve seen bourées in the National Library of Ireland” (No, I didn’t mean bores…)

The one outstanding problem is making distinctions between which of all the bourées available can be ‘officially’ and ‘undeniably’ considered ‘massif central’, I mean, there’s all those damned early ones floating about, and it seems that the French weren’t the only ones into them. Hell, “I remember seeing some in the National Library of Ireland” ( 😉 ~ that’s developing into a catchphrase…) It’s that same ol‘ thang ~ if you took any tradition, but lets keep in the narrow frame, well, not so narrow really, but things that fall in the realm of ’IRISH‘ ~ if you purged every influence ’from beyond‘, then you’d end up kicking the ’dance‘ out of ’dance music‘… Much of that ’influence’ is French, but it hardly ends there…

I knew a bunch of folks that played in the main Irish and related forms, including Scots and North American, but for their job, musically, they were a Breton band… I think that’s call for vigilante action don’t you?

Sorry about that edge of ‘Sesh-Rage’, somebody put a fly in my soup and the poor thing drowned… 😉

I see what you mean Dow… I suspect the guy wears palomino chaps, owns a pair of spurs, snakeskin boots, a pearl button shirt and a cowboy hat ~ and does linedancing…

Put a link to these comments in your profile, ‘c’. When this happens again (it will), come here and remind yourself that that sort of criticism is nothing to do with you or anything you’ve done, but rather some issue the critic needs to resolve for his or herself. Just keep plodding along doing your thing.

Good point, as always ~ well, maybe that’s a stretch, better to say ‘mostly’… 😉

No, it’s not a stretch, you were right first time 🙂

Re: Ronde De Loudeac

Matthew Olwell’s “Ronde de Loudeac” is an entirely different tune from the one posted above by “ceolachan”. The only thing they have in common is their place of origin.
Compare the “abcs” :

1 : |: e/e/e fe dc B^A | Bg fe d2 e2 | Be de dc B^A |1 Bg fe d2 e2 :|2 Bg fe d2 ee ||
|: ff ef b2- ba | ga gf e2 d2 | =c/d/e fe d^c B2- |1 Bg fe d2 ee :|2 Bg fe d2 e2 ||


Re: Ronde De Loudeac

Rond de Loudéac is a type of dance (like an dro, hanter dro, gavotte, ridée, …) So there are a lot of “Ronds de Loudéac” (and a lot of an dro, hanter dro, ridées, gavottes).

Re: Ronde De Loudeac

I know that. The point is that you should have posted Olwell’s “Ronde” as a tune in its own right, and not added it to an already existing - and completely different - tune.

Re: Ronde De Loudeac

Ok, how do I delete this one please ?