The Samurai reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Samurai
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FAde fdAG|FAde dAAG|FAde fdAF|GABc defg|
a/ a/ a ge aege|dA A/ A/ A defg|afge fdec|dBAF GBdg|
a/ a/ a ge aege|dA A/ A/ A defg|afge dBAF|GBEG BEAG|

Seventy comments

Not a bad tune, but I really hate the title.

Tough! It was for a Japanese friend :¬)

I like the tune and the title but the composer I can barely tolerate.

Composer? (P.S. Dow ~ take your Valium…)

I was assuming from the context that Conan composed it, although he hasn’t said so explicitly.

Of course I was only joking about not being able to tolerate him. Despite the fact that he’s a p.a. player 🙂

Guilty as charged 🙂 Composer, bestower of dodgy tune titles and intolerable pa player.

He’s a ‘P.A.’ player, what, he’s a soundman, a techie? That doesn’t qualify as a musician…

Is that "intolerable pa player" in the sense of "intolerable person who happens to play pa", or "player of the intolerable pa", or both? 🙂

"He’s a ‘P.A.’ player…That doesn’t qualify as a musician…"

You said it, ‘c’ 🙂

All this time I was being kind to accordion players because I thought your man was amongst their numbers, and now I find out, aside from him not taking responsibility for his creations ~ he’s a bloody amp monkey, a button pusher and slide yanker, a roadie… Bloody hell…

I bet he’s one of those that wear those naff American baseball caps, probably with something like a military insignia on it…

An "amp monkey" plays with ghetto blasters and hangs out with DJs, a "button pusher" annoys people, a "slide yanker" bullies small children in recreational areas, and a "roadie" hangs round on street corners. Are these alternative words for "spide"? 😀

It’s so nice to receive praise from one’s peers……

By the way I can’t BELIEVE you’re calling me a spide! And leave my "41st airborne" cap alone!! I happen to be very proud of it. 🙂

Have yuh ever been sick with laughter? LMAO!

Hey Dow man, I’m scared sh*tless now, he’s called us ‘peers’… Do you remember getting your certificate? Do we have to qualify in some way?

"What Is A ‘Spide’?" ~ by Nils Garmånn

"Beneath the frayed peak of a dirty white baseball cap, thick, cropped hair was pasted down over a forehead encrusted with acne; small, dark eyes burrowed out from sunken sockets; a premonition of a moustache hunched nervously on the top lip: if he sneezed it might blow away."

HAHAHA!! That’s the best description of a spide I’ve ever heard. "premonition of a moustache". Excellent!

"Spide is a pejorative slang term, used in Northern Ireland, particularly in Belfast to describe a person who has a particular dress code and attitude. Stereotypically spides are young working-class male adults, members of the lumpenproletariat.

There are many negative perceptions associated with the term. These include allegations that they engage in anti-social behaviour. They are also often seen as boy racers, who hang about in car parks playing music loudly from modified cars with up-rated hi-fi’s. Many wear Berghaus fleeces, fake jewellery, tracksuits and white trainers.

The adjective form "spidey" is also common. The term "millie" is often used for female spides."

Origin of the term

"The term is thought to have originated in the late 1970s and early 1980s. During this time "tartan gangs" were popular in Belfast. Due to the tartan patterns of their jeans, they gained the nickname "spidermen", later shortened to spide. [1] Whilst the tartan gangs of the time were closely associated with the UDA, the term spide is applied to youths from both the loyalist and republican communities, and appears to be wholly without sectarian bias."

You know I like my sources, and not keeping them to myself… Besides, there might be others out there that are as clueless as I was to what a ‘Spide’ was… Besides, I enjoyed the reads and suspect some others may too… 🙂

I like the link Co ~ I think I managed a close aproximation…

I have to agree with Hiro here, it needs something more, the title that is, maybe "The Samurai and ~ something or other, or the something or other Samurai? ~ what about "The Samurai’s Creel"? You know, fishing with a sword…

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to say ~ nice tune… I like it…

On the subject of names - the name is nothing more than a label to identify a tune by. Very seldom does the name evoke the person place thing or event which sparked it’s composition. Eg "the cat that kittled in Jamie’s wig" does not automatically suggest the image of a moggy p*ssing in a toupée. The fact that a big deal is being made of the name is precisely why I will now never consider changing it.

Heh, heh, heh ~ the evil laugh and snigger, rubbing of hands ~ once it is out of your hands who knows what could become of it… Already it has changed under my evil guidance…. :o

"The Barbarian and the Geisha"

I know, an old joke…

You’ve changed the name? 🙂 Tune variations I have no problem with unless they really are evil

"Sam’s Urea"?

"Sand in ‘er Eye"

Sorry Co, this one may be too cute to handle… I just can’t do anything evil to it…try as I may…not even some twisted key change. Uh oh, I hear Dow about. Let’s hope he doesn’t get any ideas. He’s worse than I am…

"The Cat that Kittled in Jamie’s Wig"

Don’t for get to add that comment where it will really make a difference… I think I’d rather p*ss though than kittens, though there’s nae lot tuh differ…

I thought it meant having a slash! Oops. well there you go; the tune isn’t reminiscent of an expectant cat popping her brood either. I stand by my tune title The Samurai (which is actually Japanese for Get your Kyoto, you’ve pulled)

Come on Con, you can’t play this on a Koto…

I just had this image of someone tyring to play a samurai sword, like they do with saws ~ but I don’t think the bow would last long do you… 😉

So do you guys really think you know how to pronouce this word, and what it means? Wikipedia is full of myths and wrong pieces of information, so I’ll write about it for you tomorrow.

Yamadasan! ~ ~ ~ Nope! I haven’t a clue… But I know enough not to trust the the Wik completely… I may be mad, but I hope I ain’t no fool… So what "Learn to Speak Japanese" program do you stand behind? Oops! ~ sorry, I just remembered, it’s English you teach… 😉 But ~ if you were down the street, I’d try to get you to teach me to at least approximate Japanese…

"Samurai" [sah-moo-rye] isn’t what you think

I’m not an expert, but I do my best to describe what it was.

This word can be best translated as "warrior," and is very rarely used in Japan because there has been no "samurai" as such since the late 19th century. When we talk about the history of the country, the word "bushi" is much more commonly used to refer to warriors collectively.

The word originally meant a servant, especially those hired as bodyguards of aristocrats or the royal family. Then they started to serve as soldiers in the conflicts between members of the royal family, and aristocrats supporting either side. In the end of the 12th century, these warriors united to gain political power under a certain leading warrior clan after settling a big battle. Since then, they had practically belonged to the ruling class of this country for more than six centuries, along with aristocrats and the royal family. Of course, there were always tensions and conflicts, including a few big ones, between the royal family and major warrior clans, and also among various warrior clans. But in the early 17th century all such struggles were settled again with a certain clan as the leader.

From the 17th to the late 19th century, a number of warrior clans ruled their territories as statesmen as there were no major conflicts in Japan. Most individual warriors were hired as both civil and plain servants, or bodyguards of these politically influential clans. And many others were wandering around as vagabonds to search for their masters. "Samurai" is often associated with swordsmanship, but during the peaceful period the warriors also developed and refined other kinds of martial arts, such as kyudo (archery) and jujutsu. (Karate isn’t really Japanese. It originated in a small independent kingdom in East China Sea, and is obviously influence by Muay Thai kickboxing.)

Quotes from wikipedia:
"A notable part of the Bushido code is seppuku…."
"Bushido still survives in present-day Japanese society, as do many other aspects of the samurai’s way of life."


Hey, I was saying it right. It’s Con who has the weird accent… He has just spent too much time in the big city and it has corrupted him, body, soul and accent… 😉

Thanks for the history Hiro, very interesting. My brother had black belts in three martial arts, and in the end some kind of red and white belt. But really, in the end he has crippling awful pain in one shoulder from his ‘master’ throwing him around as the demonstration dummy ~ and really throwing him hard… I know that Judo and Jujitsu were two of the three he’d mastered to black belt level. He also ended up teaching. He was and is very interested in the history attached to these arts and to the history of the Samurai, and also the ‘assasins’…

Hey ‘c’! In Ireland and other European countries I’ve met many people who think martial arts have been commonly practiced in Japan. Nope. As I wrote above, only warriors had access to those martial arts, and many of them were too busy working for a living. Some poor "samurai" even sold their swords to become merchants, instead of killing themselves.

Huh! ~ My brother used to attend tournaments in Japan. Was he having us on and going there for illicit reasons?

Slainte stop lying. What about that time we were in Shinjuku station and those 3 guys jostled you and tried to nick your wallet and you took all of them out with a single roundhouse? Then there was that body lying in a doorway with no head and you said a ninja had done it. And what about that girl who came somersaulting backwards off the roof of that izakaya in Asakusa and started doing all that crazy street fighting with those things that looked like big forks with 3 prongs? All that in the space of about 6 hours. These things must happen all the time in Japan. It’s a very different culture isn’t it.

The truth will out…

Yeah, and come to think of it ~ what about those black pajamas and the face mask you were wearing when you came to visit us ~ and all that plaster damage from you swingin’ nanchuks around the hose? ~ and disappearing in the middle of the night through the window, which is two stories up? There aren’t any pubs open in this area that late at night…

house, not hose…

Yeah and what about that flick knife mechanism in his whistle? Did you see that when he was round yours, ‘c’? And I thought he looked so innocent, too, when I first met him.

No, I missed that. He was throwing around these lovely star like things, and my wife was a bit upset about the plants being decapitated by them and the holes left in the walls and woodwork… But, hell, we’ve had worse from visiting musicians in the past. The damage he did and the impression left was generally favourable, besides, things needed prunning anyway, and he didn’t get sick or anything like that. We’d rather have the holes and plaster damage than the stink of p*ss or vomit anyday…

"Don’t be afraid of ninjas. Ninjas are more afraid of you than you are of them." (The Tick)

😉 Hi sweetie… As long as you’re here I won’t fret…

🙂 Hey, darlin’. Hope all is well up there.

I think I’d better get down soon, I’m getting a nose bleed…

pinch your nose. that generally helps. 🙂

Dow, you look innocent too, but you are obviously a better fighter. I can tell you that from the flawless sequence of Karate movements you demonstrated to us in the middle of the memorable session. It was effective enough to make some noisy punters shut up.

Shock and awe, that’s what it was, shock and awe…

Thanks Zina, that worked… Give me a hand down now. The air is a bit rare way up here and I just haven’t the head for such heights…

Hey Hiro, I don’t think that making faces counts as a Karate move…

Actually one of the moves taught to me by my sensei in Okinawa was one called the "shikametsura", which translates as "The Scowl" or "The Grimace". Heh. Let me tell you that the way I do it, it is very effective in self-defence.

Yeah, they can’t stop laughing, thus giving you plenty of time to run away… 😉

This is the way of the Samurai ~ where conflict can be avoided, take the path of least resistance. Humour is the greatest tool in the Samurai’s arsenal…

Just thought it important to bring it back to topic… 😛

I’m just back from a great session with 3 pipers, but need to go to bed now to go to work tomorrow. I wonder which is more scary, Zina’s *grin* or Dow’s grimace?

Many thanks to Conan for this tune and its title. Seriouly this is a very nice tune.

Well, it’s about time Hiro… 😉

that depends upon what I’m grinning ABOUT, don’t you think…?

Any smile of yours is one shared…

the only kind of smiles worth giving and getting, really. 🙂

Cheers Hiro for the information! I’m planning on visiting Japan next year, circumstances permitting. Sounds like I won’t have to take those nin-jitsu classes I was planning on taking after all. Where are you at the moment?

In the country with ninjas and samurais. I’ll be in London next April. You’ll find me in your box case.