The Green Lady jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Green Lady
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:A2F GAG|FDD DE/F/G|Add efd|^cAB =cAG|
A2F GAG|FDD DFA|def gag|ed^c d3:|
|:de=f g3|g^fg afd|gfg a2f|ged ^cAG|
A2F GAG|FDD DFA|def gag|edc d3:|

Seven comments

Eliot Grasso tune

Eliot was just here in Denver for a tionol, and gave us six of his tunes, all jigs, and all lovely. This one he wrote for Myron Bretholz, and Myron’s favorite sushi at Edo Sushi in Lutherville, Maryland, near Baltimore.

The Green Lady isn’t on the menu at Edo, it’s Myron’s special sushi, and if you ask for “Myron’s Green Lady roll”, they’ll know exactly what you mean and bring it to you, smiling, because you’re obviously one of Myron’s friends.

(Since Myron has the magical ability to make friends with anyone, you’re joining an august but large crowd. The day I was in Edo with Myron and Emily, he managed to befriend the guy at the table next to us who’d never had sushi before, and Myron got his newest friend to come sit with us and try all kinds of sushi out for the first time.)

Oh, and…

Eliot currently plays this one in the middle of two of his other tunes, The Purse Rusted Shut and Morgan Anderson’s Foret, which I’ll post in coming days.

Another and…

Edo Sushi
53 E Padonia Rd
Lutherville, MD 21093-2306 
(410) 667-9200

Nice one, Zina. I like the way it plays with the modality.

He’s a clever boy, Our Eliot, Bob! 🙂

Nice tune Zina and even nicer to see you back here putting in an appearance!

Hallo, Donough – *smooches* all round, of course! 🙂

Link to Morgan Andersen’s Foret, which Eliot currently follows this tune up with: