Miss Tara MacAdam jig

By Johnny Cunningham

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Miss Tara MacAdam (jig)

Source: Gathering Pace by Relativity
Transcription: gian marco pietrasanta

Beeechgrove Garden Theme?

Is there anyone who can help me locate the music used for the scottish TV programme “The Beechgrove Garden”? A little research has suggested that it is called Miss Tara MacAdam, however I believe it to be a reel, It’s played on mandolin and it’s a cracking tune.

“however I believe it to be a reel, It’s played on mandolin ”

If you are still searching after so long, the original tune used for Beechgrove was ‘Sponge’ by Magna Carta. The tune here is the current one used for the programme - which is no longer filmed at Beechgrove, Aberdeen, but is up in the hills….

How times change.

One recording of Sponge for Beechgrove was played by Gary Petersen, Jack Evans, Freeland Barbour and Big Jim Sutherland. I think the called themselves ‘The Garden Band’.

I just listened to the recording and it doesn’t sound like a jig to me. More like a 3/2 type thing..

sorry i meant 6/4 marchy type thing

Miss Tara MacAdam

Composed by Johnny Cunningham “for a friend who spends all her time on the road.”